ESFJs have a sense of duty that allows them to conform their lives to the needs of their loved ones, but they may suppress their own desires in the process. Marco is one of these men—he is honest about his true feelings to Veronica and tells her up front that they cannot marry, because of her lower station (he needs to marry a woman of fortune to stabilize his family), but he also thinks he can live two lives—one with his wife, attending to all his familial and husbandly duties (to produce heirs), and another with Veronica as his mistress, where he finds his “pleasure.” And he does this for a while, being a sincere husband who administers to his responsibilities at home, and keeping Veronica on the side. But it’s hard for him to share her, and he is jealous, possessive, and emotional when she has to sleep with the King of France to save Venice. He understands, but still can’t get past his feelings. Nor does he want to hold back on them; it’s enough that he feels them, so he expresses them at once, at all times, and acts on them as well—even being willing to throw his life away on a charge from the Inquisition, by admitting to how much he loves her, and refusing to let them kill her unless they execute him as well, a senator of Venice. His urging for other men to stand up and admit to their “sin” saves her life, because he mobilizes them through emotion to stand with her against the judge. He stands in contrast to her, as a traditionalist who enjoys her wit and banter, and who assumes “we are alike” (more than they are; she is an intellectual influencer, and he merely basks in her presence). They are a pair in his mind (a trait of dominant extroverted feeling – you and I become “us/we”). He is studious and aware of how reality works, willing to work and live within the system while pursuing his greater desires on the side. Introverting sensing holds onto what is permanent, and he does that in his desire for a rich wife and a house, for heirs. He enjoys witticisms and word battles, but never participates in them; merely listens with pleasure, and struggles at times to put the big picture (their family’s needs, or the country’s needs) ahead of his heart. He’s unable to detach from his emotions and not let them rule him.

Enneagram: 2w3 sx/so

Sexual 2s are all about winning over the object of their desire, by being the most desirable kind of partner, and Marco goes out of his way to be this toward Veronica, once she attracts his eye. He falls instantly in love with her when he returns from Rome, and chases her, but always while being honest about their marital prospects (none). Even so, when she becomes a courtesan, he doesn’t understand why they can’t possess each other, and be exclusive to each other; he’s eaten up with jealousy when she must spend time with other men, because he wants to keep and provide for her. 2s are somewhat possessive in that regard, especially when the sexual variant is involved and seeking total possession of their object of desire. Much like Veronica, his life is all about love – finding it, keeping it, wooing it, and prior to meeting her again, he fell in love too easily everywhere he went. He is kind and generous to his wife, asking her about her desires and how he can fulfill them, and feeling disappointed that as an ISFJ, she has none other than “to make him happy.” How can he answer a need she doesn’t share?

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