ISFPs act on whatever they feel, trusting their own self to dictate the right path for their life – and that’s what Andy is focused on doing. She has given up her exciting life in the big city to take care of her mother, and see her through cancer treatments, but then wants to pursue her art. She is emotionally withdrawn, but makes all of her decisions through what she wants – she needs to learn the truth about who she is, and what that means to her, and be reunited with the family she never knew, even if that means abandoning her mother’s plans for her in the process. She chases after what matters to her (family, self-knowledge, the “truth”), risking her life in the process, without fully understanding her mother or any of her purely logical decisions. In the process, she takes enormous risks and yet manages to mostly stay out of trouble, because of her opportunistic, adaptable Se. She asks a guy who knows how to handle guns to teach her to shoot, and is a natural at it; she ditches her car and buys a new one when she’s being followed; she dumps coffee into a lawyer’s purse for an excuse to steal her identity card, so she can question someone in jail (by pretending to be her; a crime that could get her arrested); she immediately goes home with her uncle, after meeting him at a book signing; etc. All with the goal of locating herself and unraveling the secrets of her mother. Andrea does not show a lot of Ni; she neither makes hunches nor shares her thoughts with anyone, but follows whatever arises to get at “the truth.” She also bears down hard on inferior Te – trying to get things done, taking direct action, and making rational choices under stress, but only in reaction to her immediate needs.

Enneagram: 6w7 sp/sx

Enneagram 6s trust too much, or not enough, rarely “just right.” That’s true of Andy. She constantly fluctuates between trusting people and letting them help her, then fearing them and pushing them away. She attaches herself to them, then gets scared and assumes they are after her – and after what’s happened to her, no one can blame her for that. In the span of 24 hours, a gunman almost killed her, she found out her mother is living a lie and can’t be trusted, a man attacked her mother in the house (and Andy had to hurt him to get her free; she thinks he’s dead), and now she’s on the run for her life, having been told not to trust or talk to anyone. But her 7 wing can’t stand being alone, so she heads across the street from her motel to drink and chat up a cute boy, whom she asks to teach her self-protection (to use a gun). Then she thinks he’s after her, ditches her car, buys a new one, and on and on it goes… she bounces back to him, once she knows he’s working for the FBI, but abandons him again when someone attacks him at the pier. She can’t wait to meet her uncle and moves in with him, but once she learns he has been tapping her phone calls, she runs away from him. This cycle repeats itself over all eight episodes. Moving toward, then against… the push-pull, anxiety-induced second-guessing of a 6.

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