INFPs are a combination of intense emotions and naïve trust in the people they care about. Rachel shows both in how quickly she attaches to Anna and considers her one of her best friends, then eagerly goes around the world with her, and expects her to pay her debts. Rachel spends a lot of the series in an emotional head space, because she’s upset about her friends turning on her, about Anna betraying her, about the debts she did not run up and how it has threatened her job, etc. The focus often comes back to how things are affecting her, not other people. She won’t visit Anna in prison, because she hates her now, and when Neff gets on her case for it, Rachel is rude to her. She expresses her feelings without thinking how they affect others, such as when Neff complains about being exhausted after a workout, and Rachel retorts that exercising is easy “if you keep your body in shape.” Rather than deal with Neff after accusing her of being ‘bought’ by Anna (“Go on,” Neff challenges her, “talk to a black woman about being bought and sold!”), Rachel turns and runs back to the bus. She uses her experiences to write about her story and sell it for thousands of dollars, enough to pay off her debts and salvage her career in journalism. Rachel turns her feelings into words through articles and blog posts, and has a particular disdain for Anna getting away with her crimes. She shows a low Si tendency to neglect the details (they didn’t bother to find out how much the tour cost before going on it; and she didn’t cancel her work card or credit card before she even got on the plane to stop the charges). She can be blunt under stress, but also is sensitive to criticism.

Enneagram: 6w7 sp/so

Rachel wavers back and forth between anxiety and love of pleasure. She initially is excited to reach Morocco, and eager to leave the hotel, have adventures, and experience the local sights, even though Anna refuses to go along with her, but when it becomes apparent that they are in trouble because Anna won’t put down a credit card for the room, she anxiously volunteers her card. Then they go out to have fun, run up another $2,000 debt… and she freaks out, with good reason. She pays the amount, and gives the hotel another card (her work card, which she is too responsible to hand over at first), but is anxious about what might happen next, or whether they might throw her in jail. She tries to ignore it and pretend it’s okay, but needs her boyfriend to tell her it’s time to leave. She relies on him to make her decisions for her, and goes home with him, only to find out Anna has run up $65,000. Her loyalty and friendship with Anna makes her reluctant to harass her or accuse her of theft for the money, but she’s on the verge of a panic attack over the debt collectors constantly calling her. She’s the only one of her friends to turn on Anna, and see her for the fraud she is, and is outed for it. It devastates her that the court doesn’t rule in her favor. Some accuse her of going along with Anna, because she ‘enjoyed’ the wealth that Anna gave her so often (all the free trips, the good food, the manicures, etc).

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