Kacy is more matured and centered than many of the other characters; she knows her boundaries and what she wants out of life, and isn’t afraid to reinforce those things or pursue them. When Rachel criticizes Neff for huffing and puffing after a workout routine, Kacy says that in a wide world full of choices of who you can be, choose to be kind. She won’t let Anna stay the night when she comes to the apartment, after she finds out Anna has run up $65,000 on Rachel’s work credit card, but does let her stay the night when she has nowhere to go, prior to this (and apologetically, lets her date go home). She refuses to visit Anna in prison, even though she respects Neff’s need to do it. She focuses mostly on diet, exercise, and being a fitness instructor, as a sensing type – her life revolves around keeping your body in shape, but combined with holistic practices, vegan eating, etc. When she gets food poisoning on the Moroccan trip, she decides to immediately go home—where she spends all her time being sick scrolling through Instagram and hitting like on all of Anna’s posts. Kacy believes the ‘universe’ saved her from that trip, that being sick was a blessing in disguise, and that ‘karma’ comes back to bite people in the ass. She can be blunt under stress, and inconsiderate of others at times (when annoyed with Neff, she calls her a ‘basic bitch’ and tells her to read her own copy of the book on the beach with everybody else).

Enneagram: 9w8 sp/so

The mantra of the 9w8 might as well be ‘I’m calm, and if you’re not, that’s your problem.’ That’s how Kacy deals with people—calmly and with emotional detachment, but also by enforcing a strong boundary. She won’t let other people’s drama into her life; she refuses to get sucked into conflict or arguments. When Rachel and Neff get into an argument about Anna, she visits with both of them, but refuses to pick a side. She calmly tells Neff that she respects what she’s doing, but won’t go along with it. She’s able to remain friends with Rachel, even when she doesn’t like what she’s doing—so she gets to read a galley copy of Rachel’s book before it gets published. She goes back and forth between people-pleasing and going along with things, and being unable to say no when people get upset and beg (what if she waits me out!?), and setting firm boundaries, telling people to back off, or drawing a hard line with her temper.

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