Function Order: Te-Ni-Se-Fi

Anna is one of the few people on the planet who can get away with being a total “bitch” and yet still have people fawning over her – because she is brutally blunt to your face in a catty way, but also has “great taste.” And she’s a genius at selling both herself, and her ideas, by figuring out how to frame them in a way that makes other people understand. When hanging out with a boyfriend trying to launch a new app, she convinces someone to invest by first insulting him by drawing attention to the potential investor’s age, asking him how he feels about death and if he dreams about it, and then pointing out how profitable that information would be, if an anti-depressant company knew how many men that age had dreams about dying. This is both a product of her extroverted thinking and the singular focus of Ni, which can turn things around to look at them from an idiosyncratic perspective nobody else has thought about. She claims she is a ‘genius’ and ‘brilliant,’ and in a way, she is because she cons everybody without even trying that hard, but also gets incredibly upset when others imply that she isn’t working hard for her money (the TJ ‘work ethic’ over-focus). She has a vision for what she wants that develops over time, and won’t accept any substitutes – she will have that particular building, those particular artists, and do this particular thing with it, and if banks aren’t willing to loan her the cash, then they are discriminating against her because she is young, not because she has no credible credit line! Anna is also an enormous risk-taker, in that she constantly is on the verge of being exposed as a fraud. She leaps on whatever opportunity arises to get something out of life, rather than thinking carefully about whether it might trip her up or not. She is careless with herself, her finances, and other people’s money, while over-indulging to a massive level (and to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars in products). Anna has a very poor Fi. She has no compassion for anyone else, only for her own feelings and desires. She can throw others under the bus to get what she wants (taking his primary investor away from her boyfriend, and switching her attention to Anna’s project instead). Her break-up boils down to Anna being only concerned about her own project, and how much more important it is, than his, which drives them apart.

Enneagram: 3w4 sp/so

Anna is a sociopath, but also takes the denial and self-deceit of the 3 to a whole other level. Part of the ‘deceit’ of the 3 is believing their own lies, and she tells so many, she loses track of them. She re-frames her life like nobody’s business; she isn’t poor, she’s an heiress who has a trust fund, and her daddy cuts her off (when she can’t pay a bill). If someone kicks up a fuss about her unpaid debts, she gets upset with them and tells them off for not respecting her. When she’s in Morocco, and her ‘supposed’ best friend Rachel is in deep trouble with the locals for not being able to pay the bill Anna is running up (and might go to jail), Anna is drinking and having a good time in her hotel room, because the bank is approving her loan. When she finds out the bank will be sending someone to Germany to confirm her nonexistent assets, she tells everyone her daddy has insisted on paying the loan instead, so she doesn’t need the banks after all. Even when she’s in prison, she keeps insisting that her dad is going to come and bail her out. All she cares about is her image, her reputation, on being famous—she agrees to let a journalist talk to her, only if she actually follows through on making sure “everybody knows who I am.” She values the “VIP line” and passes around $100 bills to make sure she impresses “the help.” She even stalls her court appearance because she refuses to wear the awful prison clothes provided for her, forcing her lawyer to send Vivian out to buy her something “chic.” One of her favorite sayings is, “Don’t be a basic bitch.” Her 4 wing is elitist, arrogant, and emphasizes “the best” even when talking about her future foundation and club, which will be “exclusive.” She can be a downright snob, and is self-absorbed. When her feelings are involved, she doesn’t care about anyone else’s reactions.

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