Function Order: Si-Fe-Ti-Ne

Charlie is your normal, average dad—as Kath’s PR department tells her, she picked the one person out of the crowd (somehow) that is an honest citizen, a good father, is single, straight, and an all-around nice guy. He just doesn’t feel all that interesting when his daughter is talking about her mom’s adventurous new boyfriend! He also trusts the ‘facts’ of any given situation and what past precedent has established; like the odds of a marriage succeeding, based on what has been true for other people and for himself (failure). It doesn’t occur to him to think about marriage in any other way, until he lives through a unique one! Charlie is warm and engaging, and puts other people and their feelings first – when he marries Kat without even knowing her (he has never heard of her before that night), it’s because “She was sad, and I thought it would be nice to go along with it.” He wanted to console her, and keep her from looking bad. His thoughts were for her and her feelings, rather than thinking about his own life and how that might all change… and it’s only when he’s in the middle of being harassed by reporters that he starts pondering all of that. Charlie is quite open with his feelings sometimes, but at others, is more private with them—he even breaks up with Kat temporarily, since he thinks it’s what she might want, rather than admitting to his own feelings. His Ti is also strong in that he loves math and to problem-solve; he urges Kat to think outside the box and come up with solutions, and finds it silly when she takes the quickest route instead of pondering something. He doesn’t show much Ne at all. Just the enjoyment of being a teacher and building toward something (mostly Si-driven), and allowing himself later on to experiment with trying new things (being on social media, thinking this impulsive marriage might work, etc).

Enneagram: 6w5 sp/so

Charlie is the pessimist where Kat is the optimist—he points out that his first marriage failing was not a huge surprise, because 48% of marriages fail (she, being an optimistic 3, points out that that means 52% succeed! Which… didn’t even occur to him to notice; that’s not what his 6 paid attention to, it looked for the worst case scenario). He is self-deprecating and doesn’t think he’s all that interesting or even a catch; although he loves to make little jokes and flatter her all of the time by comparison (he’s dull, but she’s gorgeous!); self-deprecation is a 6’s way of being an ‘everyman’ – someone relatable and likable, who doesn’t seem like a threat to other people, so they will leave you alone or even enjoy your company. He’s somewhat insecure about not being all that ‘fun’ – so he has to remind his daughter of the one adventure they had in her life, which she was too young to remember, just to convince her that he’s ‘hip.’ His 5 wing is also strong in that he’s quite withdrawn from the world and disinterested in it; he’s not on social media, he barely checks his e-mail, and his main interest (and profession) is to be a math teacher, because he enjoys the thinking aspect of problem-solving. Literally.

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