Function Order: Fe-Ni-Se-Ti

Kat is an enormous singing sensation with a strong following on social media whom, when she realizes her boyfriend cheated on her, instead of retreating into private to deal with her feelings, goes out on stage in front of two million fans watching around the world to talk about it! She philosophizes about disappointment in love and then impulsively chooses to marry the first person in the crowd that she sees holding a ‘marry me’ sign—Charlie. In one scene alone, you get the open emotionalism of Fe, which seeks to make everyone feel included in her heartache (and to equalize herself with everyone else, by declaring heartbreak as a universal human experience), the abstracting nature of Ni that turns it into a philosophical moment of sharing, and then tert-Se impulsiveness, which means getting married to a man she doesn’t even know! The next day, she’s still open to the prospect of staying married to Charlie and making it work for at least six months (“File the paperwork!”), both out of a desire to “try something different” (because her previous choices have all ended in heartbreak; “This is where planning has gotten me,” she cracks) and because she doesn’t want to look idiotic in front of everyone. Each time people ask her about it, she finds ‘we’ language to communicate with them—something to draw them into a sense of seeing her as no different from them (who hasn’t had their heart broken; are you asking me this innocently, or as a man who has also failed at things?). She’s also spectacular with the math kids and loves to make other people happy, as evidenced in her charitable work, her desire to show up for the kids (“I promised I would be there”), and her openness to trying new things with Charlie (like not documenting every minute of her life on social media). But she also admits that most of her life, she has been extremely impulsive—one marriage didn’t even last two days, which is typical for Fe/Se users, who make a lot of momentary decisions based on their feelings. She doesn’t like to problem solve or think for herself all that much; her solution when she can’t find a key into a summer house is to ask for help and when Charlie won’t allow that, to break the window (which sets off the alarms and leaves them “cold” for the night).

Enneagram: 3w2 so/sp

Kat grew up with nothing and has made herself famous; she’s also addicted to being an influencer and making things ‘huge’ even though a big part of her longs for a simpler life (she said on one talk show that she wanted a small wedding; what she winds up with is a multi-national event with two million fans watching her get hitched). She does things just to please other people and has a hard time not wanting to promote everything and constantly be building up her ‘brand’ – as Charlie says, everything in her life is branding or a sponsorship. But she also likes to do good with her community outreach; she raises lots of money for charity and enjoys having deep enough pockets to sponsor things, she buys food on an airplane flight for everyone just to be nice, and she gives Charlie’s daughter an expensive purse that catches her eye. She also wants love and likes to promote herself to get it (singing for the kids at the high school, and having a hard time turning her back on anything that can further her career). Unlike Charlie, she’s an optimist who thinks several failures at marriage doesn’t mean she can’t ace it this time (they were learning experiences, not really ‘mistakes’).

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