ISFPs live life based on their feelings in the present moment, which sums up Billie quite nicely. She goes out with Dillinger because she is attracted to him, but then skips out on him after dinner because she’s not sure she wants to get involved with a bank-robbing gangster. As she tells him later in their relationship, sooner or later his luck is going to run out, and she doesn’t want to be there when they shoot him (her tert-Ni, anticipating the future and preparing emotionally for it). But most of the time, she lives in her sensing function—she loves the furs he buys her, she enjoys their sexual life, she finds it thrilling to be on the run, she dreams of where they will go and what they will do together in their new life, and she easily adapts to being his girlfriend, even though she has gone from being a coat check girl to living with the most notorious man in existence. She refuses to act any other way than how she feels, even defying him when he demands to know why she left him standing alone in the street, but respects him when he persists in telling her how much she means to him, and what he will do to protect her. She can be blunt under stress, or when she’s upset, telling him off, defying the FBI agent who is interrogating her, and insisting he listen to reason and not come to get her, since it might get him caught.

Enneagram: 6w7 sp/sx

At first, I thought Billie was a 9w8, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized she’s a thinker—always planning for the future and considering the consequences of Dillinger’s decisions and warning him against them. She is caught off guard when he confesses to being a criminal and runs away from him, not sure she’s ready for that life or even if she wants it. She only capitulates when he proves how protective he can be of her, and how much he wants her—and then, she starts thinking about how one day, the FBI is going to catch up to him and kill him, and she doesn’t want to be there when it happens. He has to reassure her that it won’t happen and that they will die old in their beds together for her to calm down. She begs him not to come find her in Chicago when he escapes from prison, because he might get caught and “I think they are having me watched.” She agrees to go into places on his behalf, so they won’t catch him, self-sacrificing in the process. When being beaten for information, she taunts her captor with the knowledge that he stupidly let Dillinger slip through his fingers, and then threatens him with what will happen to him when “he finds out you hit me,” a foolish but counter-phobic reaction to her own powerlessness. Her 7 wing is easily persuaded to leave her old life behind, dreams of a positive future together somewhere else, tries to seek the bright side, and focuses on planning ahead.

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