ISTJ lawmen prefer to cover all their bases and avoid taking risks, since they know they might only get one shot at someone. So they do their research and find out all they can, before they spring a trap. This is how Purvis deals with capturing John Dillinger. He studies up on him, finds out where he bought his coat, tracks it to his friends in the area, and sends out men to wait for his return—if he returns. He starts tracking down the people he runs with and killing them, to isolate Dillinger, until he finally gets him outside a movie theater. It’s all meticulous, focused, and deliberate. He shows tremendous efficiency in how he assigns people to certain positions and expects them to do their jobs competently, as well as has faith in his own ability to remain detached and “get the job done.” Purvis takes his job seriously, does not easily suffer fools, and ‘shows great promise’ according to J. Edgar Hoover. His emotions don’t bubble to the surface often, even though it’s apparent from his tender treatment of dying fellow agents how upset it makes him to loose good men to criminal shoot-outs. He also objects to them beating information out of Dillinger’s girlfriend and stops the interrogation, before he carries her out of the room. He doesn’t leave much room for speculation or show any interest in hunches, although he keeps a larger picture in mind of what he wants America to be like, cleared of its ‘public enemies.’

Enneagram: 1w9 so/sp

Enneagram 1s believe in upholding their standards above all else, and doing what’s right according to themselves, without question, and trust their own instincts about what is good. Purvis seems to be this way, in how efficiently he handles his forces, how he upholds high standards in his personal life, and in his treatment of prisoners (with respect, but also not trusting them). He will defy his ranking officers if he thinks his approach is superior, without worrying about the consequences, and feels proud to contribute to the FBI in making America a safer place by hunting down the most notorious gangers and criminals on the ‘most wanted list.’ But he does it with precision, accuracy, and a strong sense of his own ideals. His 9 wing is also able to detach and remain impassive, to avoid being riled or losing his temper, even when others frustrate him or let him down (such as when one of his cars leaves its assigned location, because ‘we heard gunfire’ – allowing a criminal to escape custody).

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