ESTPs don’t think much beyond the now, but are also intensely rational and charming, all of which Dillinger is. He admits that he doesn’t think about the future much (if at all); he lives in the present, and only considers what he intends to do right now, and tomorrow. He bodily inserts himself into situations, including getting himself arrested and taken to prison, so he can break out all of his buddies (he faked the entire thing, then grabs the getaway car). He marches confidently into banks and holds them up, applying physical pressure to bankers who try to delay him to give the cops time to show up (he smacks one of them and threatens him with a bullet). After he sees Billie, he wastes no time in wining her, dining her, telling her the truth about himself (he promises never to lie to her), and then persuading her to run away with him – because he really is just that charming and likable. He can be pleasant to people who don’t get in his way, such as offering his coat to a shivering bank clerk he has temporarily kidnapped in order to make a getaway, and reassuring an anxious banker that they won’t freeze to death overnight; they will worm out of their bonds in ten minutes. Dillinger also has a ‘we’ mindset with his gang; he asks them what they want to do, when considering whether to beat up someone and throw him out of the car for losing his temper in jail and getting one of them killed. When they leave the decision up to him, he punishes the guy and dumps him on the side of the road. He can be reckless in his opportunism; Billie pleads with him not to come to Chicago to get her, because she’s being watched, but he insists on grabbing her anyway—and then gets her arrested by accident, because they’re on the lookout for her. He has no long-term planning skills and no interest in developing any; when one of his friends says he thinks his time is almost up (he’s right, he dies soon after), Dillinger dismisses his low intuitive insight as nonsense and scoffs at it.

Enneagram: 8w7 sx/so

Sexual Enneagram 8s are serious about attraction and living life to the fullest, risk-taking, and more emotionally driven than other 8s due to their need to connect. Dillinger risks everything to reunite with his girlfriend, whom he falls in love with over a period of two hours. He sees her in a club, walks up to her, and asks her to run away from him, then tracks her down at work a day later to demand to know why she left him instead of meeting him outside a club. He promises to take care of her, protect her, and always ‘come for her,’ and demands she repeat that after him, so he knows she knows he means it. In other ways, his 8-ness shows in his calm sense of aggression and assertiveness at all times. He punches one guy in the face for interrupting him when he’s talking to Billie at the coat check, then takes his ticket, thrusts his coat at him, and tells him to get lost. He shoves a man out of the car who got one of their friends killed, after beating him up. He remains charming and confident around the polite, but also means it when he says “don’t make me kill you.” He scares the FBI agents on his tail, because he’s so ruthless and hard to catch. He admits that he wants to try everything, and drink life to its last dregs, and boasts that he will die warm in his bed, with Billie’s arms wrapped around him, rather than in a hail of bullets. His 7 wing is playful. He will put nervous bankers at ease by singing songs to them or listening to the radio. He is adventurous and has plans for his future that involve warm beaches, over-indulgences, and “one last big gig.”

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