AJ is a lot more rational and detached than Paige; at first, the two clash a little bit, because she points out the irrationalities in what Paige says (“you are confusing miles and the metric system,” “that’s not what that means,” “you’re a terrible runner,” etc). She also gives an open and honest evaluation of Paige’s art not being “emotional enough,” and tells her to find a moment in her life when something transformative happened. She is outgoing and hands-on—she doesn’t paint her art in a computer like Paige, she draws it in her notebook and then spray paints it on school property. Her favorite activity other than that is track, and she’s good at sports—a natural who learns fast. When she finds out Paige is looking to expose her, she teams up with her to find out who the artist is, intending to mislead her in the process (Se opportunism). She outs herself to the establishment so Paige won’t get expelled for her art, which shows her courage and willingness to take the heat ‘for a moment’ for the greater good. She also, impulsively, kisses Paige in the bathroom and assumes it was a first kiss for both of them, then is upset when she finds out it’s not. Paige is repressing her true desires and needs to keep her father happy; she’s also giving up what she wants to only do what he wants her to do (track and school). She thinks of him and how he will react when making those kinds of decisions; she is also forthcoming with her low Fe feelings, when she talks about how upset it makes her to always be an afterthought to her twin sister, how Gabby always does things first and draws the most attention; how upset she is at everyone knowing something she didn’t and lying to her. She is open with her feelings about Paige and hopes for the same honesty in return.

Enneagram: 9w8 sp/so

AJ is keeping her real desires (to attend art school) a secret, to avoid disappointing her father, who wants her to have a ‘real job.’ She’s going out of her way to keep the peace and avoid conflict within her family dynamic. She also feels angry that her sister constantly gets all the attention by demanding it, and that she has been overshadowed her entire life—in part, by her own refusal to stand up and demand attention. She has gone along with this, finding her own ways to privately rebel (such as spray painting the school) that will cause a sensation but not expose her to criticism. But she also has some 8 wing drive – other kids sometimes find her ‘tough’ and ‘intimidating.’ She’s envious of Paige’s self confidence, but Paige is envious of her ability to intimidate people and be firm in establishing her boundaries. She won’t let Paige take the fall for her behaviors at school, so she outs herself as the graphic artist to get her out of trouble—while ignoring her for days on end after finding out Paige lied to her, and “Gabby got there first, once again.”

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