Paige is all about knowing herself, and asserting her feelings on the matter, from when she first comes out as gay as a child to her mother, to her later attempts to attract the attention of her crush. She’s so wrapped up in her feelings about wanting to attend an art college, she isn’t really using her intuition powerfully to figure out the identity of KingPin, the graphic artist leaving graffiti around the school. She knows that she wants to be an artist and has no other options in mind for her life, but also compares herself negatively to KingPin and knows that her art “isn’t as good.” Paige has a solid emotional center in that she doesn’t want to out AJ’s identity to her parents, or hurt her feelings when she discovers Paige thinks they both shared their first kiss. She’s also unable to separate herself from her feelings to get things done (“how can I draw about my happiest moment when I’m as depressed as I have ever been?”). Even though she invites AJ to criticize her art in an effort to make something more of it, she’s surprised when AJ does so, because there’s “no emotion in it.” Paige doesn’t know how to find those emotions and put them down on a piece of paper. When trying to identify the artist, she assumes it could be anybody, and waffles back and forth on who it might be; irony is, she got the right answer early on but then dismissed that person as a potential individual based on almost no evidence and move on to her next theory. She has been stuck on one crush for many years, always hoping to make something of it without ever moving directly toward it until now. In a flit of low Si, she re-interprets her own memories, recalling that it was AJ who was always looking at her in grade school rather than Gabriella. Paige can be blunt at times, with her inferior Te, but she can also kick into high gear and get things done—she creates a mural and finishes it in 24 hours “even though I got no sleep.”

Enneagram: 4w3 so/sp

Paige is a frustration type, in that she always finds a reason to be frustrated – for example, comparing herself to other people’s art and being envious of their talent, while being frustrated that hers isn’t as clever or interesting and that she lacks the courage to ‘put myself out there’ and get the attention that she wants (her 3 wing craving success). She is often reactive and negative, pointing out what she doesn’t like, making snide remarks about others’ happiness, and, to some extent, always chasing after things she cannot have, which 4s are inclined to do (they tend to thwart themselves, so they can remain frustrated). She wants the most untouchable girl in the school, and as soon as that person starts noticing her, she finds herself drawn to someone else… so she herself becomes ‘out of reach.’ Withdrawn numbers also have trouble moving toward what they want, and she has never ‘made her move’ despite being in love with someone for years. She can’t remember a time when she was happy, so she can’t submit her art application to her art college; she also uses the excuse that she can’t draw happy things when she feels depressed. Her 3 wing is driven and direct; when she wants something, she finally goes after it in terms of trying to figure out her rival’s identity, and she’s willing to adapt (a little) to get it.

Withdrawn types all withdraw from other people and wait to be approached; they can procrastinate about taking the initiative, especially on things that matter to them, which is what Paige has been doing for a long time. She’s been ‘out’ since her lower teens, but has never found a romantic partner—she just watches one girl from afar and dreams about her.

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