ENTP reporters focus on searching out the leads and connections that others miss, and in digging for information in an attempt to understand ‘why’ things are happening. This is Lois in a nutshell. While everyone else is freaking out about Superman’s return, she is focusing on the blackouts—it seems like a non-story, but she knows there’s more to it than meets the eye and wants to get to the bottom of it. Superman is old news in her mind; she has been there, done that, and doesn’t care anymore, but the blackout feels more important than anyone else is giving it credit for being. She knows instinctively something bigger is behind it, which leads her to dig out the truth of Lex Luthor’s involvement and get herself into a world of trouble in the process. She can’t let anything go; Lois is like a dog with a bone when she’s on to something, unable to shift it from her mind without figuring it all out first. She also likes to deliberately see things in a different way from other people; when they were praising Superman, she was winning a Pulitzer Prize for her article, “Why we don’t need Superman anymore.” Lois is able to dig to the bottom of things for articles, but … isn’t that up front with her emotions, doesn’t prioritize them, and isn’t nearly as concerned with them as her fiancé. She keeps secrets from him, has told no one about Superman fathering her child (even though she, tongue in cheek, wrote an article called “I spent the night with Superman”), and doesn’t intend to tell the father, either. She can be charming and persuasive in her attempts to convince her boss to let her follow whatever story appeals to her, but also assertive in how she asks hard questions angling for an unexpected response. Lois shows inferior Si in how disinterested she is in reliving the past, but how she also holds onto things, among them, her natural fear of Lex Luthor. She knows he’s a master criminal and could kill her, so she keeps her distance as best she can when she finds out the truth.

Enneagram: 6w7 so/sp

The suspicious, distrustful, and speculative Enneagram 6 likes to get to the bottom of things and finds it hard not to pay attention to whatever has arrested its interest. Lois does this in her refusal to give up on her leads or change her stories. She both challenges her boss to demand the story she wants, and capitulates to his request that she do other things as well. She’s a responsible and loving mother, but also avoidant of being honest about her feelings and prone to dismissing things offhand. She has won a freaking journalism reward, and doesn’t seem to care about it much; it’s all in a day’s work. Instead of showing it off, she puts family photos in her work cubicle instead. She shows visible fear around Lex Luthor and tries to send a message for help to her work, hoping someone will find them and rescue them. Lois is also feisty, doesn’t mind being assertive if it’s for a good cause, and adventurous enough to take risks, even if she also likes to keep an eye on her kid. She’s in denial about her feelings for Superman, as well, because that would over-complicate her life and she wants to avoid that.

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