ENTJs have a grand vision they intend to implement, often that will earn them a tidy profit, which is exactly what Lex intends to do with his knowledge of the Fortress of Solitude. He intends to take the crystals out of it, infuse them with kryptonite, and create a massive land mass that will make him one of the riches people on the planet, since others will have to pay him for the privilege of living there. Sure, it will kill lots of people, since displaced sea water has to go somewhere, but the bottom line is a great big boon to his bank account. He hires people to do the jobs he has no interest in, such as robbing banks, or crashing cars, or distracting Superman (in that case, he has his girlfriend do it, and really cuts her brakes; as he says, dryly, “men always know when women are faking it”), while he plans for his future. He also has keen insights and a peculiar way of looking at things and seeing their potential. One good example of his Ni is when he’s talking to Lois Lane on his yacht and her son takes a hit off his inhaler. Lex pauses, gets a strange look on his face, and then asks, “Who is that boy’s father?” He has no reason to think it’s Superman, but he still knows, and it’s proven true later, when the kid kills one of his henchmen by hurling a piano at him. Lex isn’t above doing his own dirty work, and getting his hands involved, but also tends to stand back, out of the line of fire, and take humorous potshots at his stupid henchmen (snarking at them, when he notices the line of bullet holes in their automobile after a heist). He also wasted no time once he got out of prison in seducing an old lady, taking all of her money, kicking her family out of the house, and forging her signature on a will leaving everything to him. Lex has very little evident Fi. He cares about what he wants for his own future, but is concerned for no one else and is quite callous in dealing with Superman when he knives him with kryptonite and leaves him to drown.

Enneagram: 3w4 so/sp

The gift of an Enneagram 3 is adaptability; in the hands of a criminal, a 3 can make anyone believe whatever they want to believe, by ‘becoming’ whatever they think will appeal to the person they are with—which is how Lex manages to convince an old lady that he loves her, in order to swindle her out of her fortune. He also has his girlfriend convinced of his affections, despite not caring about her at all. He quite calmly manages to look good and maintain his composure, no matter what happens around him, and even when others are furious at him. He is ‘image-managing’ in being droll, sophisticated, and a bit of an elitist snob with tastes superior to the ‘common horde.’ But when he gets really upset, some of that over-reactive 4 energy sneaks through, and he can throw tantrums in his rage at being undermined. He is also self-absorbed and unconcerned with anyone else’s needs (“I would trade every drop of your blood for a quart of gasoline!” he screams at his girlfriend after they crash on a deserted island).

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