ISFJs can sometimes feel overburdened by the needs of others, and their own desperate desire to connect to them in some small, hidden way. Clark uses his persona at the Dailey Planet as a bumbling reporter to conceal his night life as his alter-ego, a superhero known as Superman who flies in to save everyone at a moment’s notice. But the truth is, he left earth and disappeared for years… because he felt such a desperate need to connect to his roots. Something permanent. He needed to visit his home planet, to see if anything was left, in order to get a sense of who he is. Si users need to feel as if they are building on a foundation laid by their ancestors; like they are contributing to a system that has worked for a long time, and will continue after they are gone, through their descendents. But whenever he’s on earth, Clark has to respond to the people and their needs in front of him. He is good-natured and compassionate but also somewhat withdrawn and quiet. He looks after people and their feelings, probing them gently to be honest with themselves, but without revealing his own secret. Clark wants to understand them, and get to the bottom of things, and it’s this quality that makes him a good reporter. But he doesn’t speculate much, and has no need to follow his ‘hunches’ – he leaves that to Lois Lane.

Enneagram: 2w1 so/sp

Social Enneagram 2s feel a distinct need to serve humanity at large, which is why Clark devotes so much of his time and energy to being the planet’s savior, at the insistence of his father. He feels responsible to take care of everyone that he can, in every corner of the globe, and this need to be the ultimate hero drives him to confront Lex, and almost wind up dead. He also insists on going back and dealing with the kryptonite-infused land mass, even after, as Lois points out, “he almost died,” because he sees it as his job and responsibility to take care of it. He can’t let people die on his watch, or evil go unchallenged. This is a result of his “super-ego” type (being a 2). He feels that he “must” do what is right by others, that he “should” put them first, and that he is obligated to spend his live in service of some greater good (his 1 wing). He also wears a public mask to protect those he cares about, and shield his identity.

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