Dougal is a tough, no-nonsense decision maker, and everything he does is for political gain – right down to using Jamie’s scarred torso to elicit sympathy, earn money for the cause, and raise indignation against the English occupiers. He seeks immediate problem-solving solutions that accomplish something in the bigger picture – when Claire needs an out to escape Randall, Dougal suggests her marriage to Jamie. When Jamie faces execution, he suggests Claire marry him instead (she’s “useful”). His heavy-handed, tough tactics unnerve Colum enough that Colum refuses to turn over the family legacy and position to him. He thinks in big picture terms much of the time, orchestrating decisions and events toward his own eventual takeover of the clan. Dougal sees immediate potential in Claire. He reads between the lines, realizing she’s more than she appears. His broad picture thinking sometimes gets them into trouble, because it overlooks both details and emotional fall out (inferior Fi). He loops frequently, engaging in reckless decisions based in the moment – such as seducing and impregnating Colum’s wife, thus driving a further barrier between them; or riding into battle heedless of the danger; or encouraging others to war. He’s physically aggressive and tough on the battlefield. He’s objective in his assessment of situations and eager to leap on opportunities as they arise. Dougal rarely shows his emotions or confesses to having any. He’s so oblivious to others’ emotional pain that he uses them without thinking about the fall-out (such as how hard it is for Jamie to put his body on display, to elicit sympathy). He gives no thought to Claire’s feelings when arranging her marriage, or proposing to her a second time.

Enneagram: 8w9 so/sp

Dougal is a tough and no-nonsense man, who directly goes after whatever he wants. He’s aware of how power dynamics work, and how to exploit them to his advantage—and doesn’t really think about or care how it impacts those involved (forcing Jamie to share his scars, to rally people to their cause), and even threatening to assault Claire and doing so when drunk. He doesn’t forbid himself pleasures or see how self-indulgence is wrong—he winds up impregnating another man’s wife, and then winds up married to Geillis after she manipulates him. He respects only those who stand up to him, and comes to respect Claire and Jamie when they do so, but he also doesn’t go out of his way to antagonize people beyond what’s necessary (per his 9 wing’s tendency to seek peace).

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