Function Order: Te-Si-Ne-Fi

Jenny is incredibly direct in sharing her opinions. She is tough and no-nonsense, knows what must be done, and does it. She’s attentive to account books and keeping records. She tells Jamie off for being too soft with local landowners, because she sees how leniency in taxes will impact their own productivity (and the king’s revenues) down the line. Jenny has little interest in hiding her opinions. When Randall intends to rape her, she submits to save Jamie – and then laughs in his face (at the size of his manhood), because “I couldn’t think of anything else to do.” It saved her. Jenny stayed on the family estate and managed the place after Jamie left. She tended their parents, keeps the farm going, attends to collecting rent, and handles all the many other daily details that someone else might find boring or tedious. Family pride, honor, and tradition are important to her. She gives up her room to Jamie because he’s “the heir” even though she doesn’t like him or Claire, simply because “that’s how things are done.” It’s a sign of respect, and she holds to it. She doesn’t show much interest in fanciful thinking, and doesn’t always grasp the larger implications right away. Jenny is careful, fearing unforeseen consequences. Her emotions run deep but don’t dictate her actions. Jenny warms up to Claire after awhile, but isn’t comfortable expressing her true feelings. She shows them through actions, loyalties, and decisions. There are some things she simply won’t do. She was so close-mouthed about what Randall did and didn’t do to her, that Jamie mistook another man’s child for Randall’s rape baby.

Enneagram: 1w2 sp/so

Jenny always believes in doing the right thing, even when it’s not easy; she berates her brother at times for his reckless, impulsive behavior, and clashes with Claire about some of her decisions that don’t take others and their welfare into account. She’s a gut type in how instinctive she is in making decisions—firm in her convictions, sure of herself, and willing to do what’s necessary to ensure the outcome that she wants. She’s also willing to help people and comes around to liking them, if she sees them as considerate of others and willing to help do the hard work involved in ensuring their survival.

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