Bonnet is an opportunist of the highest order—a thief sentenced to be hanged who escapes, robs the people who helped him (Jamie and Claire), slits the throat of their captain, and then goes on to use their jewels and money to purchase himself a ship. He becomes a successful captain and tradesman, traveling between continents, and then sees the profit to be had in venturing out into other businesses—including cock fights and ‘whore fights.’ He doesn’t hesitate to take advantage of Roger’s need to travel to the New World (by hiring him onto the ship, and then forcing him to fulfill his duties there), or to hurt Brianna (when she wants her mother’s ring back, he rapes her and then gives it to her). He approaches their child in the marketplace to identify him, and intends to kidnap Brianna (he changes his mind about keeping her and wants to sell her into slavery instead), marry her, and then inherit her great aunt’s plantation through her and their son. His behaviors are all rational, but also immoral—it’s logical to want to stop the spread of infection on his ship, but inhumane to throw all the sick people overboard instead of quarantining them. His logic is also self-made and detached from reality (see more in the Enneagram 7 section), since he decides how he wants to think of things and then accepts those realities as real. He can be charming when he wants something, using his Fe to convince Jamie and Claire that he’s a good and innocent man, wrongfully accused, but he does not otherwise care about anyone or their greater good. He shows no real intuition apart from his evil designs upon his future and his intention to become wealthy, through using his son to inherit a vast and prosperous plantation.

Enneagram: 7w8 sp/sx

One of the coping mechanisms of a 7 is to re-frame things, in order to keep the 7 feeling good about themselves. They don’t like to face their inner darkness—and horrifically, this is what Bonnet does about Brianna. In reality, he raped her, but at the time, he re-framed it as a ‘transaction’ between them, and later has written it off as non-rape entirely. He sees the  possible product of this occurrence as “my son” and has an irrational idea that they can all live together on the plantation as a family. He claims himself as a father elsewhere and makes decisions based on it (choosing not to kill someone outright, because that’s not ‘something a father should do’). He is selfish, impulsive, hedonistic, and cruel, getting a high out of dominating people, subjecting them to his will, and dealing with them in harsh and unforgiving terms, per his unhealthy 8 wing’s attitudes.

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