Jocasta is a Fe-dom in how she deals with other people and sees herself as being responsible to the ‘greater whole’ – her reputation is important to her, and so is caring for the people on her plantation, including the slaves. Because slavery is seen as normal, she does not think anything of it or question it—an indication of her inferior Ti function and how she is a woman of her time. She finds anyone who thinks differently from what is normal to the time period to be eccentric, including Brianna (whom she tries to convince to marry and give her son a proper upbringing, under the protection of a good man’s last name), and Claire – whose refusal to own slaves causes her to raise her brow. She doesn’t see the sense in Claire attempting to save a man’s life, if he’s only going to die in a few hours for attacking his overseer. She is forthright in her feelings to and for Murtagh, and refuses to ‘wait for him’ until after the war, because he didn’t speak up when she told him of her intention to marry someone else. She also shares her tragic story with him, about the loss of her daughters, and says she swore on that day never to fall in love with another man who would put the Cause ahead of his family. She worries about whether it’s appropriate for her to give him a headstone or not, because “we were not married.” Jocasta has lived many years in the same place and knows how the world works; she has been wildly successful in terms of making something of her life by abiding within her time. She’s curious about others’ thinking, but doesn’t dwell excessively on it, showing a low intuitive tendency to focus on expedient actions rather than long-term benefits. The extent of her planning for the future is sensible, in terms of choosing an heir.

Enneagram: 1w2 so/sp

Jocasta is driven by her duty to those under her care, including her slaves; she butts heads with Claire in particular over owning slaves, because as she says, she purchases them in families, so at least they can stay together. She also finds Claire’s fierce opinions ‘interesting’ and ‘unusual,’ but it doesn’t stop her from doing her duty, or standing on her principles. When Brianna shows up pregnant and unmarried, Jocasta immediately sets about finding her prospective husbands, fully intending to marry her off to conceal the pregnancy and avoid her child being born a ‘bastard.’ She points out to Brianna how that would ruin the child for the rest of his/her life. She often puts aside her own feelings to do what she feels is right, but also has a 2 wing tendency to ‘help’ people by interfering in their lives. Jocasta intends to leave her estate to Jamie, but after he refuses to own slaves, leaves it to his grandson instead. She intends to marry Brianna off by arranging suitors for her, and ‘interferes’ in her marriage by using reverse psychology on her husband.

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