Though we only get to know Geillis’ story in bits and pieces across several seasons, we ultimately find out that it was her intention all along to leave the 1960s and go back into the past, so that she could change the future forever and liberate Scotland from English control. She has that as her goal and won’t let anyone or anything stand in the way of it, continuing to work in that direction even after she has left Scotland for Jamaica—she finds and hires a fortune teller who regales her with a prophecy about killing a two-hundred-year-old child, to bring about a Scottish king on the throne. Once she knows that’s Brianna, she intends to return to the present and kill her, ultimately leading to her own death. Her Fe is mostly a manipulative tool; she doesn’t actually care about people or their feelings, she just tells them what they want to hear and appeals to their emotions, getting them to do whatever she wants and needs from them—often seducing men, convincing them to be her protector, and then betraying them, even Dougal with their child. In reality, she’s calculating and cold, she believes her actions are all completely rational and justified, and she refuses to listen to anyone else about anything. Claire tells her that blood isn’t necessary to travel between the timelines; but Geillis has decided that it is, so she chooses to kill people anyway—“better safe than sorry!” She has proof, through Claire, of it being unnecessary, but that doesn’t matter or change her thinking. Her inferior sensing shows up in her occasional recklessness under pressure and adaptability, but also in her sensuality and over-indulgence in sexual pleasures (in Jamaica, she has men brought to her for sex, then gets rid of them; and she bathes in blood, though it’s not clear whether it’s theirs or she’s telling the truth and it’s goats’ blood to “preserve” her beauty).

Enneagram: 3w2 sx/so

Geillis is manipulative in that she can adapt to any situation, and become anything to any man—and that’s exactly what she does. She goes back into the past, finds a husband, and becomes useful to him, while working behind the scenes to make what she wants to happen come about. She is highly ambitious, successful, and attracts attention wherever she goes, often using underhanded methods to get what she wants—she has sociopathic traits in that she doesn’t care whom she hurts in her quest to change the past. She also reframes things positively, seeing all of her decisions as ‘necessary’ to the greater cause. Her 2 wing cares for the men she ultimately betrays and kills; she becomes ‘useful’ to them, all the while intending to betray them. She also sees things in terms of give-and-take; she saved Claire’s life, so she expects her to do things for her in return, in Jamaica.

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