Roger comes into Brianna’s circle because he’s a Scottish historian; the past, in all its incarnations, is important to him, and he engages his students in thinking about the past and the future, even what their ‘final words’ will be. Though he goes through the stones in pursuit of her, and prepares carefully for the journey, ultimately his ambition is to take them back to a later century. He wants to go home to what’s familiar and safe, to avoid the wars of the past and live in a time when it’s better to be alive (in his mind). He stays in the past only because Brianna wants to remain with her family; but he struggles somewhat to adapt to their new circumstances, unlike his wife. It’s also hard for him to get over experiences he has been through, because he relives them time and again. He tells his wife after he’s almost hanged that the old Roger is dead, and he will ‘never be that man again.’ Roger’s main strength and sometimes his folly is his strong emotions—he easily empathizes with people, he is easily offended, he assumes he has to help everyone and take care of their needs, and he often makes emotional decisions—such as storming out on Brianna after she tells him to leave. He is forever saving people and looking after their best interests—on the boat, when he protects and hides a woman and her child, among the Mohawk, when he tries to convince a priest to save his life, even when he won’t let Ian kill himself and tells him his own reasons for not jumping off a cliff (he says he pictured his wife’s face and how much it would hurt her, and couldn’t do it). This shows his Fe, in that he lives for other people and their happiness. He also has strong logic in his problem-solving skills, in how he challenges his students to think outside the box, in his questions about the past and how their actions might impact the future, etc. His main thoughts about the future pertain to returning to it and living a more normal life. He doesn’t often read between the lines and at times, is unaware of how dangerous a situation he is in.

Enneagram: 2w1 sp/so

Roger is compassionate “almost to a fault.” He cannot ignore what is going on around him and feels compelled to do something about it—whether that’s to make peace between feuding families, to volunteer to cross the river and warn the Renegades of their impending deaths, to go after Brianna when she passes through the stones, or to run back into the Mohawk camp and throw a barrel of gunpowder into a fire, so a priest dies quicker than the natives planned for him (they are burning him alive). His eagerness to be of service sometimes almost gets him killed; but he also needs to feel wanted and needed and loved, and feels quite offended when Brianna doesn’t immediately return his affections. He has a sense of duty and obligation as well; though he runs away from Brianna initially after finding out she has been raped and must now stay in the past (since she’s not sure the child can pass through the stones), he feels responsible for her as well as loving her and returns to protect her. He adopts their son, even without knowing if he is the father, and angrily tells off her aunt for insinuating that he might abandon them. Roger also ‘helped’ Brianna research about her parents and into the past, and didn’t want to tell her about her parents’ deaths when he finds their obituary.

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