Brianna  is more logic than emotion, in how she reaches her decisions; she teases Roger at one point, telling him that she’s only going with him to the silent movie marathon because she ‘forced him’ to sit through a series of boring lectures on suspension bridges. She tells him that when she’s in a cathedral, she’s far more interested in how it was built and how the rocks hold it all together, than she cares about its beauty or thinks about the people in it. She’s highly inventive as well, figuring out a way to protect their crops from locusts, and then inventing a syringe made out of a viper’s tooth to save her father’s life after he’s been bitten by a venomous snake. Brianna shows a lot of impulsive, opportunistic behavior—this is good whenever it allows her to save someone’s life, be creative with her hands, or come up with a solution to an immediate problem—but it also causes her to get into messes. She doesn’t think about who she might be talking to, in the past, almost leading her to be arrested for witchcraft. She feels angry and upset about herself for being raped, because ‘I went into a dark room with a strange man, I forgot where I was.’ She immediately makes the decision not to tell anyone what happened to her, or his name, not realizing that it could backfire—her maid mistakes Roger for the man who abused her, causing her father and cousin to beat Roger to within an inch of his life and sell him to the Mohawk. When she finds her parents’ obituary, she goes through the stones into the past to save their lives, not knowing for sure how to get to them or what she can do to help. She quickly adapts to her new life in the past and becomes used to it, showing a reluctance to leave her family and return to the future. Brianna shows flits of Ni in how she thinks about the future and the meaning of things, and a lot of low Fe. She’s often temperamental and easily upset, flying sometimes into hysterics when she feels attacked, while not knowing how to handle other people and their feelings. Brianna quarrels with Roger because she doesn’t understand what sex has to do with commitment in his mind – she doesn’t see why she should have to agree to marry him, to sleep with him, because to her, it’s just a physical thing they can share together, free of commitment. She is open with her feelings and assertive about them, including telling her father he’s not allowed to be “more upset about this than me!” But she’s also compassionate—she doesn’t want her rapist to go to his death without hope, so she tells him about his son in the prison; then later, she shoots him in the head rather than let him drown, after he confides in her his terrible fear of drowning.

Enneagram: 6w5 sp/so

Brianna is an interesting mix of fearful apprehension and direct action; she is cautious and concerned about the impact her decisions will have on others and what they might do as a result, but also tends to rush into action to protect others (she throws herself in front of a buffalo, to keep it from goring her son). She withholds the truth about her rape from her father, and the identity of her rapist, because she knows it would cause him pain and that he might do something terrible. She moves toward people, warmly wanting to get to know them and seeking protection, but also being cautious and fearful of engaging too soon. She isn’t sure how she feels about Roger at first, and doesn’t know if she wants to get married or not; it upsets her that he considers that important to their relationship (he doesn’t want to sleep with her, unless she commits to him). Brianna also tends to help and save people, without expecting anything in return—she takes in a maidservant she cannot afford, just to prevent her from being sold to a man. There’s also a strong withdrawn tendency in her; she pulls away from people a lot, and retreats into herself, relying on herself to make decisions, and not wanting to be too dependent on others.

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