Sator is a tremendous businessman who figured out how to get around the American tax codes, by building a place at the airport where people can import expensive goods from around the world, but then leave them there without officially importing them into the country and having to pay taxes on them. It’s turned into a billion dollar empire, among his many other assets, which includes working with technology and knowing how inversion works, and how to turn it to his advantage. Sator has neglected his marriage and his wife on an emotional level, and doesn’t understand why she has chosen to cheat on him and wants to leave, because in his mind, he has given her everything she could want—riches beyond compare, which is often a Te-dom way of thinking which circumvents the need for emotional intimacy from their partner and shows the weakness of their inferior Fi. Sator has strong intuition, although he says he has always had “insights about the future” that are “never wrong.” He has learned to trust them; and his ‘insight’ about the future led him to take his blackmail material out of the vaults at the airport, so the Protagonist and his friends who broke in a few days later could not find it. He has a singular end goal in mind, and often speaks in abstract language about being a god, lacking faith in anyone but himself, and about the future. Sator doesn’t often do the dirty business himself, but is an enormous risk-taker and opportunist, in how quickly he challenges the Protag and threatens him with violence, in how he kidnaps his own wife and holds her hostage, and then shoots her. He foolishly doesn’t know he’s dealing with the inversion version of her until she shoots him, because he takes her at a surface level.

Enneagram: 8w9 so/sp

Sator’s wife says that he “cannot conceive of failure, only betrayal.” He assumes he is going to succeed at whatever he puts his mind to, and exerts a tremendous amount of force (even though he is dying) to make it happen. He is a violent man, who does not shy away from using blackmail to get what he wants – he has the upper hand over Kat and knows it, just as he knows she must stay with him, and would never sacrifice seeing her son for her own freedom. So he employs it, to get what he wants. Most of the time, he is very calm in how he goes about using force to get people to give him what they want—he shoots his wife with an inverted bullet to get information out of the Protag, he threatens to have him killed, he tries to have him beaten up for talking to Kat, etc, but is also hands-off on most of those things, and remains detached and unaffected by any of it. He also passively intends to die, and ensure that everyone else does at the same time, by going out with a “bang.”

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