Kat isn’t a very well fleshed out character, but does appear to be driven fully by her own priorities and concerns. She accuses the Protagonist of being selfish in not caring about what happens to her and her son, but is also selfish in how that is ALL she cares about. It’s all she thinks about, her love for her son. Being with her son. Saving her son. Finding a way to get away from her abusive husband, without abandoning her son. She also argues with Protag about the morality of killing her husband, since in her mind, it’s justified because he’s a heinous person—she hates him, so he should die. Kat seems to be quite spontaneous and impulsive, in her affairs, in how easily she gets involved with people, in her choice of how she spends her time during their vacation, in how she interacts with her husband (distracting him while on the boat, and then impulsively shooting him and dumping his body overboard—“assuming” that the others have found a way to disable the weapon, but without knowing for sure if it’s true). She shows inferior Te in how she subtly insults people, but also isn’t remotely rational—she kills her husband out of her own feelings, knowing that when his heart monitor stops, he could destroy the entire world. But she can’t let him die thinking he has “won,” so she has to wipe the smug smile off his face.

Enneagram: 9w8 sp/sx

Kat has resigned herself to living a life she doesn’t want, simply because she cannot stand to be separated from her son. She passively tells the Protagonist that he’s going to be beaten up because her husband is a jealous man, then asks if they can drive away before it happens of her driver, because she can’t stand to see him get hurt. Though scared of her husband, she also rebelliously pushes against him from time to time, as if challenging him to react against her. She also trusts her gut—even though she knows it’s dangerous to get involved with these people, and that she can’t kill her husband without setting off a chain reaction, she’s still angry enough at him and wants to rub it into his face that he failed, to shoot him before the others have time to diffuse the bomb—she says she had casual confidence that they would figure out some “other way,” implying an overall positive trust in them. She also become involved with the wrong person without suspecting his motivations, and admits that she trusts people too much. She has fortitude, strength, and resolve, though, in how she sticks through even tough times once she has put her mind to something.

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