Neil has a bunch of crazy ideas and he says, “You’re not going to like it” whenever he shares them – like inverted bungee jumping to get across to the tower, so they can sneak in and confront the person they think is responsible for inversion. He has a master’s degree in physics and easily understands the rules of inversion, time travel, etc. He also instantly processes and reacts to things, such as when he chases the man in the mask and discovers it’s the Protagonist, he immediately knows they must invert into time somewhere in the future, and operates off that hypothesis to save the other Protagonist’s life (“don’t kill him”). He sometimes uses abstract language, like never negotiating with a tiger, and urges his friend to focus on what immediate needs the present serves (“we need to save her here and now”). He believes everything that is going to happen has already happened, so you may as well surrender to it and/or go along with it. His Fe objects to the idea of giving people only ten seconds to vacate an area before flooding it with poisonous gas, but he also effectively and rationally comes up with solutions, places the safety of the world above his personal concerns, and shows very little concern for his own safety much of the time. He is willing to risk his life doing inversions, trusting that he can quickly adapt to them and problem-solve as he goes. Neil shows no real Si, other than his reliance on his friendship with the Protag informing some of his decisions. He also keeps information from him, fearing it might ‘change how he reacts’ and affect the future (strong intuition).

Enneagram: 5w6 so/sp

Neil is very rational and detached, problem-solving easily, but also super secretive in how he tells the Protagonist nothing—about himself, about their friendship until the end of the film, about where they are going or how much he knows or what his hidden agenda might be. He plays everything close to his vest, in that secretive 5 way. But he also risks his life for the greater good and for humanity, and is willing to self-sacrifice for the cause by dying for a greater purpose (and he discounts it as being irrelevant because “what is going to happen has already happened” in a future context).

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