Protag is the absolute opportunist and makes immediate decisions all the time, from adapting instantly to reversing through time and learning to drive a car as he’s doing it, to the decision to take Kat back in time to save her life (and not much caring about the consequences, provided it “buys her some time). He uses his environment in a fight, and is up for anything, even making up his plans as he goes along (beating a guy with a cheese grater he grabbed off a kitchen counter, rather than get taken out by thugs in the kitchen is one example). He’s also driven by his morals and ethics—he refuses to let innocent people die, he jeopardizes their entire mission to save Kat’s life, he takes out a woman who intends to kill a child’s mother (whom he cares about), and he doesn’t want any casualties at the airport, either. He is able to be detached and logical—despite knowing that Kat’s husband is abusive; he saves his life from drowning because “we need him alive.” Once he understands how the rules of time-reversal work, he simply uses them to great effect, not really thinking further about their “rules.” He shows no Ni whatsoever, and is a poor judge of character and of predicting events – he has no idea until the very end that he and Neil are friends, or that he established Tenet until Neil tells him that they are really good friends; he also trusts Kat not to kill her husband and jeopardize their mission and underestimates how much she loathes him and is willing to sacrifice everything to have her revenge.

Enneagram: 6w5 so/sp

Protag is always ruthlessly questioning everyone and everything, wondering if he can trust them. His first method of operation is to ask questions to find out more, to learn what this does, to ask what this person’s motivations are for keeping information from him, and to distrust even the people he works with. He doesn’t like Neil keeping secrets and parsing out information casually to him, because it keeps him in the dark. His intentions both as himself and as the person who establishes Tenet to create this entire mission in the first place, is to protect humanity from destruction by taking out a weapon capable of causing it to collapse on itself. Though skeptical, he also trusts his own reasoning, thinking, and plans and is adaptive in the moment as necessary (thanks to being a Se-dom), but also has a private, reclusive side that doesn’t even reveal his first name to anyone.

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