Argyle has to slow down to process things, which means he’s not too quick on the uptake when his friends drag a bloody guy into the back of his van and scream at him to step on it (“why is that dude holding a gun?” he shouts, as a bad guy rushes toward the car). He insults Mike the first time he meets him, by calling his shirt a “knock off” (and checking the tag, which feels to Mike like an awkward hug). He spends most of his time being a druggie and getting high and sees no reason to do anything else with his time, other than deliver pizzas and now, go on adventures with the gang. He quickly becomes friends with a babysitter and they wind up smoking in the back of his van, instead of him helping out the gang with their computer operation. He has a somewhat philosophical side with his low Ni, but also spends a lot of time in lower Fe freak-out mode whenever anything bad happens that he doesn’t understand. He also shies away from talking about feelings and tells Jonathan to get stoned instead.

Enneagram: 9w8 sp/so

Argyle is a cheerful guy who can’t stand negativity of any kind. Rather than deal with things that are uncomfortable or scary, he either gets stoned or encourages his best friend to get stoned. He also (plays for laughs) dismisses danger at times, because he’s determined to stay happy – such as when he’s both obviously a little stoned, and serious about writing the dead guy’s name on a pizza box, because it’s wrong just to leave him buried in an unmarked grave (even though the others remind him that this is for their own personal safety). In his life, “just chill, man” might as well be his mantra. Why get upset about anything when it can all be fixed with a self-soothing puff? He has no inner criticism happening; he’s a druggie… deal with it.

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