Eddie spends most of his time at school thinking about the Hellfire Club and how to make it a big deal, rather than studying—he would rather live in a world of make-believe through deciding how best to win D&D games than actively pursue much in the outside world. He loves to make up stories to entertain his friends in the Hellfire Club, and is somewhat risk-adverse in terms of playing it safe after the murder. He seeks out an abandoned cabin that belongs to someone he knows and hides there, relying on his friends to bring him food and provisions, and hiding from anyone who arrives out of the blue (even threatening Steve with a knife). Eddie notices and immediately interprets things using intuition—such as when he tells Steve that he should get Nancy back, because she is in love with him (“She just jumped right in after you, no hesitation!” he says, as his reasoning). He is also somewhat detached and business-minded; dealing drugs is anything but legal, yet it brings in extra cash, so he loves to do it. He also shows a healthy tert-Fe, in how easily he makes other people like him, how he puts them at ease with humor and by connecting to them (telling them stories and jokes and reminding them of their childhood interactions). He has some sentiment there, but is also clueless about where he keeps anything – it takes him ten minutes to find his stash, since he has a bunch of different hiding places and a poor memory for sensory details.

Enneagram: 7w6 so/sp

Eddie always looks on the bright side of life, and enjoys distracting his friends with humor and fun. He’s an energetic, outgoing leader of the Hellfire club, who also confesses that his main problem in life is “running away” from things – which is eventually why he decides to not run off and save himself for once, and to do what he thinks is the “right” thing to protect Hawkins (unfortunately, leading to his death; but this also shows him moving toward 1 growth, in desiring to do the ‘right thing’ even if it’s hard and painful). He uses charm and fun to get others to lighten up—making the cheerleader laugh, insisting that this is the year he’s going to graduate (after being held back several years for failing grades), and bringing that up when he’s dying—he wants Dustin to play along with it, and agree that this is “his year” and that he’s going to get his diploma. He’s irresponsible, since he’s dealing drugs on the side and assuming the cops won’t find out or arrest him. He runs, after a murder – because he doesn’t want to get into trouble, get arrested, and he’s scared as hell about it. When the local high school kids come after him, he calls on Dustin and expects him to show up and help out—an example of a 6 reaching out for their friends and wanting to be rescued. He tells Steve he only came into the upside-down because the girls didn’t hesitate, and he didn’t want to look like a wuss! Though he puts on a tough guy front at school when mocking Erica’s desire to join the Hellfire Club, Eddie backs down when she takes him to task and welcomes her to the group. He has a super-ego need to do right by his friends, and by being around them, he attaches and adapts to them, becoming more heroic in the process.

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