Erica is a blunt, facts-oriented child who turns into a smart math whiz adult who just happens to tell people, after pointing out their stupidity to their face, that she is only sharing “just the facts.” She practically embodies Ben Shapiro’s ESTJ statement that “you can’t argue with the facts, and the facts don’t care about your feelings.” When the gang attempt to recruit her to crawling through the air ducts and breaking into a “secret room in the mall,” Erica reminds them that America works on capitalism, the exchange of money or goods for service. Since this is “child endangerment,” she expects free ice cream for life. That’s rational Te: what do I get out of this? She has no clue what anyone is talking about, if they are discussing abstract systems, creatures from the upside-down, or anything else—she has to see the evidence with her own eyes to trust it. (She notices, before anyone else does, that they are trying to use Morse code from the upside-down to contact them.) She has a lot of scorn for anything too abstract or childish—mocking her brother for his “nerd” activities, but then seriously getting into D&D and loving coming up with fantasy selves, fake realities, and strategies while playing the game. That’s the extent of her own fantasizing; it’s a place to play, not a place to “be real.” Erica has, in past seasons, berated her brother for being a nerd, and reacts badly when Dustin informs her she is, in fact, a nerd. She loves math, science, and My Little Pony. Hence, a nerd. It takes one to know one. Though she cares about her brother and his friends, she doesn’t easily show it, and looks out for herself first (inferior Fi).

Enneagram: 8w7 sp/so

Even as a small child, Erica was ridiculing her brother for his ridiculous behavior and for being “a nerd.” She told Dustin to stop screaming into the walkie talkie and shut it off to make him go away. Erica walks up to the ice cream counter and demands endless free samples. Once aware she has power over them, she leverages it shamelessly to get more of what she wants. She is obnoxious and direct, and when people call her out on it, claims that she’s just being “real” with people. She earns the respect of the D&D master by telling him off, when he sneers at the idea of a “little girl” playing with them—and she immediately gets what she wants, which is to be part of the group. She constantly puts down other people for being stupid, but respects them when they give it back to her straight. Her 7 wing wants to have a good time. She is very social, always out with her friends, and has a sarcastic sense of humor, but also constantly denies her sense or responsibility for hurting people’s feelings by putting it off on them instead (they are too weak/insecure to hear the truth, which is a 7 wing reframing to avoid confronting its own flaws).