Spoilers. Henry is a meticulous planner, who doesn’t like it when things don’t go “according to plan.” As a mere child, he ‘saw into his parents’ and discovered their inner darkness, which he took pleasure in showing them in order to emotionally torment them and remind them of their inhumanity (while being incapable of recognizing his own lack of humanity). He planned to murder his mother and his sister and to frame his father for the crime, and was angry to wake up and find himself, instead, under the control of Dr. Brenner. He also involves himself in a “long-con” involving El, in which he pretends to be a friendly orderly, while planting negative ideas about the other kids in her mind, and causing her to doubt Dr. Brenner. He tells her the truth about her mother not having died, and frames Dr. Brenner for the jealous kids attacking her while the cameras are turned off (no doubt, he did that) – all in an attempt to convince her to like him, help him, and remove the devise from his neck that prevents him from using his powers. He wants her to join him, and sells her on “we” language – we are above other people, we could rise together and rule this world, there’s no need to be alone, we can do things together… won’t you join me? He is extremely persuasive and convincing, charming and sweet to pull down people’s defenses, but also ruthless when crossed. He says he likes to understand things and think about them; he likes to go into people’s heads and find out what scares them, so he can use it against them and torment them with their sins before he kills them (unhealthy Fe, to cause people emotional pain for no reason other than self-gratification). He does much of this from a distance, using his powers to make up for the weakness of his body, and over-relying on his strength of mind, which shows an inferior Se. He also translates things into symbols of the things he hates, in a Ni-dom way – his loathing of clocks representing his hatred of man-made establishments and constraints, for example. He roots himself in their ancestral home as his base of operation not out of sentiment, but because it’s the only place he ever found “friends” – his black widow spiders.

Enneagram: 5w4 sx/sp

Henry says that his mother called a doctor on him, because he was so “strange and unnatural,” different, unlike other kids… but he despises them for being ordinary and “normal.” Rather than make friends, he felt so alienated and misunderstood that he identified with a bunch of black widow spiders he found in their home, befriended them, and used them as inspiration to become an “apex predator,” preying on the “weak” and the immoral. He liked Eleven only because she was similarly strange and alien to himself, someone ‘special’ who does not belong among the many. The result is that he has sunk deeper and deeper into his darkness, embracing it and getting lost in his surreal impressionism, visions, and even his callous disregard for human life (he likes to invade their minds and thoughts and turn them to his will, before he kills them). He collects them, in a sense, because “they are still with me, in my [mind],” but he does so from a distance—choosing to use psychic powers rather than risk being “touched” by them. He has tapped into the 5’s line to 8, since he reacts through strength and aggression rather than passivity or inertia.

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