Murray is known for two things—his incredibly accurate deductions about people, places, and events (he is on to Barbara having been killed and her murder being covered up by the lab long before he finds out the truth; he senses that Jonathan and Nancy have feelings for each other before either of them will admit it to one another, much less themselves; and he makes a similar guess about Joyce and Hopper, though both adamantly deny it), and his blunt, tactless manner. He says whatever he thinks, and whatever he concludes. He finds Jonathan stupid for not being able to follow his complex train of thought (he says to make things palatable, you have to ‘water them down’ so people will believe it). This is Ni, re-framing a context and looking at it from a different perspective—to make the public hold the lab accountable for Barbara, we have to sell them a story that is believable, rather than one too incredible to accept. Though militantly opposed to the Russians, Murray also overcomes his prejudice to become friends with Alexei, and teaches him about American culture through cartoons and food and carnival games. He is devastated to watch him die in front of his eyes, although he never talks about it again. Murray is clueless about how he is treading on other people’s feelings, whenever he is simply stating either the facts, or the facts according to how he sees them. He really hates an unpredictable, unstable environment, but also loses himself to it in the process—he has only ever practiced karate inside a classroom, but then uses it to knock someone unconscious in an airplane—forgetting for the moment that they need him awake, to land the plane!

Enneagram: 6w5 sp/sx

Murray is cynical, suspicious, and downright paranoid; arming his home with a variety of security cameras and devices, accusing people of leading the Russians to his doorstep, and yet always winding up ‘helping people out’ – even if he does so in an obnoxious, know it all kind of way. He cautions Joyce to be careful in breaking the Russian doll in case it has explosives in it, and warns Nancy and Jonathan to be careful in how they expose the laboratory. He’s often, in early seasons, at the police station trying to report his findings to the authorities, which shows that despite all of his paranoia, he also has a 6ish love/hate relationship with the authority and the government. He is somewhat detached, analytical, distant, and has no interest in making friends or being around people; he spends most of his time in his bunker among his research, arming himself with knowledge out of a concern that someone might attempt to mislead him.

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