Maisie thinks fast on her feet and reacts well within her environment; in the second film, she’s always in trouble for running around the house, getting into things, climbing out windows and scaling across rooftops. She evades the dinosaur by doing just that and hiding in her room. She is so curious and active, she sneaks into labs, finds video content she isn’t supposed to see, and goes wandering through darkened halls. In the final film, Maisie pushes the boundaries of safety by going into town (and encouraging others to lead the dinosaurs out of the logging camp by drawing them with light) and across the bridge. She wanders around in the woods, knowing Blue is around. When she’s kidnapped and taken to Biotech, she releases Beta as a distraction so that she can escape, then winds up going with Ellie and Grant. She takes many risks in getting herself and her loved ones to safety, but also makes a lot of emotional decisions. Her entire arc is her attempting to cope with her lack of humanity; feeling angry about being a clone of someone else, rather than identifying with her own sense of personhood. She desperately needs to know where she came from, in order to give her life a sense of meaning and purpose. She isn’t happy until she connects with her mom and learns the truth of her birth. Maisie also releases the dinosaurs into the world, because she can’t stand to see them die – she identifies with them and wants them to live. She is fairly good at problem-solving and getting herself into and out of trouble, but doesn’t show any real intuition. She fails to consider the risks of her behavior, or where it might lead, causing to her exposing herself to the wrong people and being taken for genetic testing.

Enneagram: 7w6 sp/so

Maisie is a highly extroverted child, who does whatever she wants, however anyone else feels about it. Her main conflict in the final movie with her adopted parents is because she has no “freedom” and cannot go out and see the world. She wants to be a part of it, to make friends, to go places, and to have autonomy, and instead, they insist on keeping her “safe.” She isn’t concerned with safety, but with experiences and being allowed to be her own person. So she ‘reacts against’ them, by going against them—disobeying them, crossing the bridge, breaking her curfew, and only coming to appreciate them after she’s been kidnapped and discovered how much they genuinely care about her. She asserts herself often by sneaking off, telling them off, and taking risks with Blue and Beta. But she also relies on them to take care of her, and longs for a family dynamic and a sense of belonging; she feels like a freak, and it comforts her to learn all about her mother, to find out she was loved and created, but not ‘cloned.’ She is assertive and self-confident and less fearful in the final chapter (assuming that Blue won’t hurt her, but still being cautious around her and Beta), but is also loyal to her parents, and tends to find others to stand with her. She relies on Owen and Claire to save her in the first movie, and then joins up with Ellie and Grant in the second, as if she thinks it’s safer to be with people in bad situations than to be alone. (She also has a lot of 4 traits – feeling broken, misunderstood, and alienated due to being a clone, but she’s not a withdrawn type and doesn’t struggle from a lack of ‘doing,’ and there’s no 3 or 5 behaviors to go with it.)

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