Owen is definitely the man to have in your corner with man-eating dinosaurs on the loose. He is hyper-aware of his environment and at ease in it, so much so that he can turn just about any situation to his advantage. He takes big risks with big payoffs, saving a lot of lives in the process. He’s a motorcycle-riding, Rapter-training … well, in the kids’ words, “bad-ass.” He pieces things together quickly, and usually has some idea of what is going to happen next – the group sent out to capture the Rex is going to die; she is intelligent and set a trap for them; she was testing the defenses. He knows her motivations without even knowing much about her, that she’s going to go wild and establish her place in the food chain, but he can’t foresee all ends … or that she is a merciless creature merely killing for sport. Logic comes easily to him, so much so that he instantly analyzes not only people but situations and doesn’t mince words in sharing his opinions (“This is stupid,” “They’re all going to die,” etc). He lectures Claire on how stupid it is that she thinks she needs to “control” everything, and reminds her that you cannot “control” dinosaurs. When he is seconds away from being eaten, Owen slices open a jeep’s fuel line and douses himself in the fuel, so the Rex won’t “smell” human on him. Charismatic and good-natured, he’s a flirt who makes jokes just to try and get Claire to warm up to him. He is visibly moved by the dinosaurs’ pain and takes the time to sit by a dying dinosaur, to comfort her as she goes. He moralizes at Claire for thinking of the animals as a means of making money instead of lives that deserve empathy and respect. Though he doesn’t like the idea of using the Raptors to hunt with, he caves when pressured. His focus is always on the group dynamic… humans and dinosaurs. Owen, despite his love for the dinosaurs, cautions Claire about releasing them into the world, because once she opens that door, “you can never close it again.”

Enneagram: 8w7 sp/so

Owen has a quiet strength and determination about him; he’s blunt and to the point, assertive without often being belligerent. He can be forceful, but also respectful of others’ boundaries. He reacts quickly and from his gut, thinking defensively and avoiding anything that places too much constraints on himself and his time – he conflicts with Claire, because she’s his buttoned up opposite, whereas he has a “live and let live” mentality to life. He often calls people out on their BS and warns them of the consequences of their decisions, but without giving them an inch. He isn’t afraid of Blue, and can calculate which animals are dangerous and which aren’t through their body language and behaviors. He’s a healthy 8 in that he gives people the space to make their own stupid mistakes and then picks up the pieces afterward. He is somewhat argumentative with Claire and likes to push her buttons; he also, at first, thinks she’s a goody two shoes who doesn’t know how to have “fun.” She accuses him of “running away” when things get hard (he walked out on their relationship, and moved into a cabin out in the woods to get away from working on their problems).

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