Ray is the instigator most of the time to the things he and Michael get up to, including mass slaughtering a bunch of cops who attempt to stop them during a cocaine robbery. He found and recruited Michael out of their unit in the military, and is making a living stealing and selling drugs on the black market (a logical and practical use of his time, but not necessarily ‘moral,’ in contrast to Michael’s frequent inner angst). He reacts quickly to threats by firing his weapon, amping up the situation, pulling a gun on people, suggesting they split up and meet back in Miami (because, as he points out, traveling together is too suspicious). He is somewhat reactive and intense, and others call him a psychopath because of the trail of bodies he has left in his wake. Like most of the characters in this film, he doesn’t think in the long term, pay any attention to consequences, or assume he’ll ever get caught, because all he cares about is instant gratification.

Enneagram: 8w7 sp/so

Ray is confident in a bad situation and doesn’t hesitate to act; there’s no second-guessing or hesitation in him, instead, he uses force to get his partner to do things, he competently handles problems (often through unbridled violence), and he has a reputation for being unpredictable and having a bad temper. He’s wanted for a slew of violent offenses, but doesn’t take any of his crimes or the threats against them all that seriously until they are stuffing their money into someone else’s safe… and THEN he gets suspicious and paranoid, not wanting to trust this “total stranger” who might screw them over for a million dollars… so he pulls a gun on him. The most selfless thing he does, after attempting to kill the cops chasing him, is to tell one of them that his partner isn’t “like me,” implying that they should go easier on him—his dying wish.

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