Michael has morals and strong beliefs, unlike his partner Rey – he is horrified to see people die in front of him and feels enormous guilt about participating in that; he doesn’t know what to do, when he sees a shot cop bleeding out in the car they steal to get away from their crime scene. Even his partner says “Michael is not like me,” meaning he has a moral conscience and hesitates to kill people. He would rather work with them to find a solution. Se-wise, he’s a robber who deals in cocaine, which means he has to steal it from other people—a job that needs him to live in the moment and react quickly, and for the most part, he’s good at that, both in how he escapes from the cops into the subway, in how he enters an apartment building and takes a man hostage to use his computer (to read what’s on the USB drive he stole). Even his insights are based on his observations—Davis didn’t shoot him immediately, so he must be trustworthy and “not like the other cops” (dirty). He believes the cops ARE dirty, because that’s the only thing that adds up, based on the sensory evidence he noticed from being in the heat of the action. Michael is pretty direct and straightforward, but also tends to freak out when “there is no Plan B!” He says they always need a plan, something to execute, in order to feel safe.

Enneagram: 6w7 so/sp

Michael is very anxious about being caught, and horrified to have shot cops, because now it means there’s a target on his back. He doesn’t trust anyone except people who seem credible/reliable (such as the man who launders money for them – he reasons that he wouldn’t still be alive if he wasn’t good at what he does, ergo, he’s an “authority” they can trust to get them new lives away from Manhattan). He doesn’t want to separate from his friend/partner, because he’s afraid to be out there alone; he also tries to convince the cop to go along with him, and hear him out rather than shoot him, but isn’t fully sure he can trust him either. He is doubtful and skeptical, reading into things and figuring out that they were ‘set up’ to take a fall, because nothing makes sense the way it should if it were an innocent raid (who knocks politely first, and why would cops shoot a man through a keyhole if their intentions were pure). He seems codependent and reliant on others more than a 6w5 would be, and is also something of a risk-taker.

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