Frankie is quick-thinking and quick-reacting, showing her ruthless street smarts when chasing a hostage in a vehicle and driving up onto the sidewalk to get him, smashing through planter boxes and winding up crashing her car into a fruit cart (a reckless thing to do, but she didn’t think it might end this way). She is fast to run after suspects, to pull her weapon and fire, and doesn’t wait to find out information before she acts on it, much to her partner’s frustration. She’s also an emotional decision maker who cares about her kid and chooses to live for her sake (and wants to do so, so she can be a decent mom). She rattles off facts, statistics, and information when asked to defend her conclusions at a crime scene (she tells them that much coke, you couldn’t carry far – so they must have a broker in the city who will turn it into cash; and that will take time, but also means he’s probably close enough that the suspects won’t be leaving Manhattan immediately). Since she became a dirty cop, she shows no long-term thinking. She just assumes it will all turn out okay, and somehow she will live to tell the tale, not really thinking much about having to shoot her partner if he finds out the truth.

Enneagram: 8w9 sp/so

Frankie is blunt and confrontational, asking her partner straight out if he has “got my back” in a gunfight, and insisting while someone is holding a gun to her head that he “shoot him”! She’s actively angry at him for not doing so, because she would have done it, regardless of if the hostage got hurt in the process. She talks tough and goes toe to toe with the men, and has become dirty as a way to get ahead in her precinct, but then gets convinced to put down her weapon and surrender out of love for her daughter (so she won’t grow up without a mother), which seems like a 9 wing getting a read on the situation (there is no out here that won’t turn out badly) and giving in to it.

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