Julia is everything that Nancy is not—pleasant and proper and sophisticated; she knows how to adapt her mannerisms and words to her surroundings, and how to make boys like her by appealing to them, batting her eyes at them, asking them questions about themselves, and being attentive to their needs. Most Fe users are good at reading people and responding to them in a way that puts them at ease, and this is how she attracts the attention of the boy she sets her sights on. She also voices her thoughts and feelings almost constantly, and sometimes is more eager to share them than she cares about how they will be received – she doesn’t like low-rent things and complains about things not being according to her taste. She’s easily insulted when her cousin implies that her family adopted her out of pity rather than love, and runs to her aunt for confirmation that his isn’t true! When her aunt says the family has invited her to return since their fortunes have improved, but that she hopes Julia will stay with them (and Nancy eagerly also says she wants her to stay), Julia immediately adapts to their needs and wishes and gushes that she wants to stay here too, she loves it! She is centered on what is proper, and what society respects—the finer things in life according to Si, such as finishing schools, and law degrees, and what’s expected of women for their time and place (to be beautiful and alluring and sweet and demure). She doesn’t show much Ne, other than in her ability to change her mind; after weeks of wanting to go home, on a whim, she decides to stay with her cousins and be a ‘sister’ to Nancy, whom she hasn’t much liked up until now. She has no real ability to analyze her own motives, showing her weakness in Ti.

Enneagram: 3w2 so/sp

Julia cares more about how things look than the rest of her cousins, and is always attempting to convince them to soften their language to be more appealing, or to sound more sophisticated. She tells her cousin that she hopes they can afford to send one of the boys to a real proper school, so that he can ‘make something of himself’ (unlike the rest of them). She reminds people that she went to one of the best finishing schools around, and constantly comments that her dresses are silk and came from the finest shops in Paris (she’s lying, and later admits that she made all of them). When she wants to catch the attention of a boy, she takes time to primp so that she can appeal to him by being all the things she thinks a woman should be—soft, alluring, and in need of him to show her how to do things. She laughs when Nancy tells her to stop acting stupid and claims to be stupid (because that’s what men expect and want from their ladies). She assumes she is adorable and desirable, and at first has no interest in helping around the farm, but then eagerly offers to contribute and pull her own weight, and goes out of the way to help another girl get ready for the party by remaking her dress into something lovely, as she grows into her 2 wing.

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