Mercedes reveals how attached she is to her past early on, when Fernand attempts to seduce her away from Edmond, and she says no and points out that this is his long-established pattern—that as a child, she saw him jealous of Edmond and his possessions, and turn away from his own pony in the process—with the implication that she finds him a man of low moral character, who always wants to take what Edmond has, including her. But she’s also practical, and when she realizes she’s with child and believes Edmond has been executed, she marries his best friend for convenience sake. Seventeen years later, when the Count of Monte Cristo turns up, she immediately thinks he reminds her of her long-dead fiancé… a man she hasn’t seen in almost two decades, which shows her comparison between now and then, and her ability to recall details. When he adamantly denies being Edmond, she persists in arguing with him until he confesses to the truth—and then she begs him to be with her, and to pick up where they left off. She tells him her reasons for ‘abandoning his memory’ so soon, and asks him to put aside his revenge and choose to live in the here and now, to reclaim what he has lost. Mercedes also cares very much about appearances and how they are perceived; she doesn’t want her husband to run out on her son’s birthday celebrations for business, especially since it leaves her floundering around to explain his absence and give a toast she hasn’t prepared to give. She’s thinking not only about how it will make “their” son feel, but how the guests will respond to it. She is forever attempting to smooth things over and keep them peaceful, but is also extremely forward with her feelings and in sharing them. She tells Edmond how she feels about having him back immediately, and also asks a ton of questions about how he survived, where he was, what he’s been doing all this time, and why he’s so dead-set on revenge now. She wants to question and understand everything in order to accept it. Her inferior Ne is fairly weak; she never once suspected her husband got rid of Edmond so that he could steal her away from him, or that anyone was lying to her in telling her about his fate in prison.

Enneagram: 2w1 so/sp

Mercedes is very forward in going after the Count, once she believes him to be Edmond—she doesn’t wait for him to come to her, but pursues him, desperate to form a new connection to him and pick up where they left off. She wants to be useful to him, but also morally guide him in the right direction; she tells him several times that he is on a fool’s errand, to pursue revenge instead of his own happiness. That God does not want him to seek vengeance, but to find forgiveness and love. She risks her life to tell him the truth about his son, in an attempt to prevent violence, and feels happy when it appears that he will let Fernand escape without punishment.

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