Functional Order: Si-Te-Fi-Ne

Judith is a successful book editor with a knack for finding and cultivating best-selling writers; she is meticulous, patient, and careful in how she edits her books, builds a relationship with her authors, and sees them through all the way through their projects. Judith has worked for many years in the same firm, and cultivated a lot of different projects, among them a dozen best-sellers; she turns down working on a cookbook by a well-known chef, because she says Julia is her ‘exception … I mostly work on fiction titles.’ (This is not true of the actual Judith, who edited many cookbooks.) She is willing to do a thing over and over again until she gets it right, trying little variations to perfect a recipe, and is quite excited to be ‘cooking with Julia.’ She likes to be on set, and present with people—to be around them, like a true sensor. But she’s also articulate, hard-working, and firm in her decisions. She makes business-minded decisions, knows where her true talents lie, can put aside her own feelings to get a job done, and has a lot of deep principles. She will confront people if she feels they have stepped out of line, but do so respectfully and articulately, pointing out what they did wrong rather than addressing how she feels about it. She is not particularly creative or innovative herself, but enjoys that about other people—and especially loves Julia’s higher Ne zeal for life and enthusiasm for exploring different possibilities.

Enneagram: 1w2 so/sp

Judith works as a book editor, a job that requires her to find and correct mistakes and make things easier to read—to improve what exists and make it perfect. She is very principled and driven, and willing to put in long hours on a project even if it involves baking bread over and over and over again, in order to find the perfect recipe for Julia’s book. She has no problem confronting her boss about her bad behavior—she tells her that she was too hard on Julia, and that she has no real right to insist Judith spend less time working with her on other projects. Her anger in this way is ‘righteous’ because it’s correcting of something that has gone wrong, or someone that did the wrong thing. Her 2 wing loves to get right in there and work alongside Julia. She feels like she has developed a real relationship with her—and that’s partly what she loves about being an editor, the ability to connect to others and be a true friend to them, to help them make the best book possible. When she finds out her boss is going blind, she says there’s nothing to fear—Judith will “be her eyes” for her, and do all the work that needs done.

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