Alice has her future all planned and is diligently working toward it at the PBS station. She also sees the potential in Julia Child where her coworkers do not—somehow, she just knows Julia is going to be ‘huge,’ and that it’s important for her to get a cooking show. She knows that it’s possible to get her syndicated on other stations, for them to get paid for her content, and make them all famous, even though that has never been done at the network before. She doesn’t let things hold her back—she just follows her hunches and goes for them, including accepting a date and then abandoning an awards dinner to spend more time with a man that has drawn her eye (even though she doesn’t know how this relationship is going to work, since they live hours apart). She is sensitive, emotional, and desperately wants others to accept and affirm her, to tell her that she did a good job. She understands how personable Julia is, and knows that’s part of her specialness—as she says, it’s like having her “in the room with you” to watch her on a show, and that’s what she tells her, when Julia is upset and reconsidering her life choices. She often vents to her mother about being passed over for promotion, or not allowed to run the show without supervision, because she expects equal treatment in a society not yet prepared to give it to her (a combination of Ni idealism, Fe’s desire for equal treatment, and inferior Se’s obliviousness to ‘how things actually are’). Alice is thoughtful, patient, and meticulous in how she learns how to run a show or cook something nice for her mother on her occasional visits. She shows little inferior Se, except in that she impulsively spends all afternoon with a man, and then leaves a banquet early to be with him—and admits later that she can’t stay up until 3am talking all the time, since it’s going to hurt her career (and her wallet, when she gets the phone bill).

Enneagram: 3w2 sp/so

In a time when most women want to get married and have babies, to her mother’s frustration, Alice wants a career and to become known as a professional. She’s incredibly hard-working and industrious, immediately leaps on good ideas, and has the bright idea of landing a deal with other stations that would get Julia’s cooking show broadcast all around the country. She takes the initiative to call a bunch of people with proposals, confident that Julia can do it and that they will love The French Chef. She’s also reluctant to get involved with a man, because “you might want me to settle down and have babies… and I have a big future planned. How can this work long distance?” She feels frustrated by being passed over at work and ignored, by not having the credit given to her for the successes she has, and by not being treated as an equal, but she doesn’t complain about this at work, just in private to her mom. At work, she is professional and diligent—and very upset when Julia tells her that she overstepped her boundaries and should have asked permission before doing something. Alice thought she was “helping” and it devastates her to learn that she wasn’t in Julia’s eyes.

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