The Baron doesn’t have much screen time, but they portray him as a stereotypical ‘robber baron’ in this universe; a man who cares far more about profit than humanity, who sees no reason to negotiate with the locals and thus treats them like garbage while he harvests spice (a natural thing that runs most of the space-ships and exploration, which means he’s gotten rich off it), and who doesn’t like his profit margin being reduced. He takes what he wants, deals rationally but unkindly with his enemies (killing them – he doesn’t care to torture them, or even to humiliate them; he just gets them out of his way, uses people, and then kills them so they can’t betray him). He’s also somewhat philosophical and metaphorical when asked questions; seeing things in terms of symbols and images (“when is a gift not a gift?” he muses). He is excessive in his appetites and monstrous in his form, the result of his insatiable appetite. He still reacts quickly enough to a chemical attack to manage to save his life, however. He shows no emotion whatsoever, and no concern for anyone but himself.

Enneagram: 8w9 sp/so

Part of the reason the baron is so morbidly obese is his ‘lust’ for life, which in his case, means eating excessive amounts of food. He is excessive in all things, including promising people things and then betraying them, such as when he agrees to ‘free’ a man’s wife and that they can be together, and then slits his throat, implying he did the same to her and that they can be together in death. For this reason, no one can trust him at his word. He amasses great power and then oppresses people with it, exploiting them for his own personal game, and seeing them as weak and ineffectual for not being able to outsmart him. He also has a great deal of ‘sloth’ in that he allows everyone else to do the work, while he eats and sits around doing nothing.

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