Leo prioritizes humanity over everything else; he comes to the desert planet determined to negotiate and work with the locals, rather than taking from them as his processor did, and tells them that whatever they ask, they shall receive if it’s within his power. He expects his son to abide by his social obligations and to fulfill his familial legacy and duties, and reminds him of his responsibility to others—one Leo takes seriously himself. He would rather sacrifice an expensive piece of equipment full of priceless ‘spice’ than lose a single person, and urges everyone to immediate evacuate the machine and get to safety. He talks about how others look to them for leadership, and how they should provide it. He’s also always thinking forward, anticipating what might happen next, and setting things into motion for the future. Rather than just be happy about being given a new responsibility and control over an expensive enterprise, he wonders and speculates about the motivations behind it, assuming they are ‘set up to fail’ and that this will cause a war between him and the baron, in which the higher powers want to wipe him out because his family line has become too powerful. He anticipates his own death and asks his wife to look after his son, mere hours before it happens. Leo also shows semi-strong Se; he said he wanted to become a pilot instead of what he became, but he did it out of familial obligation (being needed as a Fe-dom came before his own personal wishes for his life). He shows decent fighting capabilities and a willingness to surrender his own life, in an attempt to slaughter the Baron (and succeeds in killing most of his men). He’s forever asking questions and pondering things.

Enneagram: 1w2 so/sp

“Duty” is the underlining message he sends to his son, and to his family; he wants to do right by them and fulfill his obligations to them, he wants to honor and support human life over profit; he wants to make peace with the natives rather than continue to exploit them, and his purity of intention is what causes his son to remain firm on the right path even after he is gone. He pushes his son to do right by others, and talks about their responsibility to be moral leaders. He also goes out of his way to accommodate people and adhere to their customs (also Fe), in a 2ish desire to connect to others. He sees himself as useful and needed, and has a little bit of pride in that he assumes he can make peace with the sand people and do right by them, as the first person to do so in however long they’ve been mining the spice fields.

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