Jessica, like her son, spends a lot of time thinking about the future and preparing for it. She talks about having patience, and that their Order does things in ‘centuries,’ and reminds her son that control takes a long, long time, but he must strive for it regardless. She heard a prophecy about a Chosen One that would come, decided that would be her son, and had a boy instead of the expected girl. Even though it placed his life in danger from the Order, she figured somehow it would work out all right. She cultivates and tries to mold him to become the Chosen One, and never considers that she might wrong. Much like her son, she doesn’t display her middle functions hardly at all. She is tactical and precise, and not afraid to use logic to combat problems. She forces their guards to kill each other, to save her life and that of her son, after they are kidnapped. She mourns her husband in private, rather than share her feelings with others. Though she observes the customs of the Order, she bucks them to do what she believes is right for the situation instead. She knows that she cannot allow fear to control her, so she talks herself through it, until she gains control over her powers. She’s also very insistent that her son strive and work hard to improve his skills, and evaluates him as not being ‘ready’ to use The Voice. When he struggles, she gives him practical tips to improve it. Jessica seems insecure in new environments, and relies on his guidance to help her get through the desert unscathed.

Enneagram: 6w5 sp/so

Fairly early on, Jessica herself informs us that fear is the main motivator in her life, when she has to talk herself through anxiety at the thought of leaving her son to face a ‘torture box’ with her previous instructor. She is obedient to and subservient in the presence of this woman, whom she sees as an authority, and has internalized all the messages of her Order into her beliefs and what she teaches her son, even though she has broken some of the ‘rules’ by teaching him how to control his powers. She is cautious and skeptical of people and their motivations, as well as finds it hard to go against her authority figures. She allows her son to protect her how and where he can, and also pushes him hard to develop The Voice so that he can defend himself. When threatened, she’s not afraid to use it to kill anyone who is trying to hurt them. Being safe and ensuring his survival is important to her, and she’s defensive when her husband asks her if she will protect Paul after his death (as a mother, of course she will – “with my life!”). She is also withdrawn, calculating, and self-trusting in her logic, choosing to go against many of her Order’s beliefs in bearing a son to fulfill the prophecies, and assuming it will turn out right.

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