Paul allows his strong intuition to guide him in every facet of his life, from where he intends to go (he sees a man’s death in a dream, and has the idea that ‘had I been there, I could have prevented it,’ without having the specifics of knowing how or why), to his strong ideas about the future and what he wants for himself. His intuition is presented mostly as ‘dreams’ or ‘sorcery’ due to his ancestry, and his place as the ‘Chosen One,’ but he pretty confidently assumes he can do whatever he sets his mind out to do, and he’s right. He also simply ‘knows’ how to do things without being told, such as when he puts on a complicated suit the right way and even ties the ankle straps correctly; when asked how he figured that out without help, he says it just seemed right. Paul doesn’t have much in the way of middle functions; he doesn’t talk hardly at all, but he does show flashes of Te in his reasoning skills. He asks why they don’t shield the crawlers as protection from the sand worms, and when forced to take on passengers, suggests they drop all the extra weight so they can carry more people to safety. He is direct in talking to others (he tells off the witch-lady for using The Voice on him – how dare she?), but also emotionally internal and repressed. After his father dies, he doesn’t shed a tear or speak of it to his mother, or seek comfort from her, or comfort her in an emotional way—he just goes quiet. He is often lost in his own mind and feelings, and quite sure of what he wants; he bucks his father a little, when he says he may not want to inherit the family business. Paul can be somewhat reckless and impulsive with his inferior Se; he prepares a great deal beforehand to enter the sand planet, so that he knows how to navigate it safely, but he also rushes out into a sand storm to save people and winds up having a vision that almost knocks him out of commission. He fights on his mother’s behalf against an untested warrior. He’s clever enough to step into a video illusion to fool a lethal dart.

Enneagram: 9w1 so/sp

Paul is pretty calm in every single situation he finds himself in, except when it comes to the visions that show him terrible things. But he always acts from the gut, he is confident in asserting himself, and he also works with people to find compliant solutions that means everyone wins. He quietly voices his opinions about mistreating people and taking over their planet, and supports his father’s peacekeeping attempts. He’s also compliant with his mother and somewhat passive – when his teacher says he’s slow today, Paul says he’s not in the mood to fight, and his teacher reminds him that his mood has nothing to do with it; sometimes you have to fight to the death. He’s often telling people ‘no’ to things, and then because they ask him again, Paul does it, such as practice The Voice on his mother. He does feel a sense of duty and obligation, and assume that problems are his to solve, through his 1 wing desire to fulfill his father’s wishes for his life.

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