Avis has very strong opinions about the world, based on generalizations, stereotypes, and her own assumptions about men—like how fragile their ego is, and how women have to do things a certain way to ‘get around them’ (convince them that the good ideas are theirs, for example). She tackles things through a combination of applying these assumptions, and then doing something about them—like getting Paul an art show so he will back off and let Julia run her cooking show (“getting him out of your hair”). She often volunteers to do things when Julia feels overwhelmed, like making the shopping runs for the shows and trying to do the prep work (she refuses to do certain things that turn her stomach) and tackles things systematically and logically while doing it. She identifies a problem and then seeks a solution that works for everyone to resolve it, even if that means staying at the hotel with Paul (whom she doesn’t even really like all that much) while he’s sick, so Julia can go to a book signing and then have dinner with a friend. Avis withdrew after her husband’s death, pulling away from people and becoming little more than a recluse; she said she lost touch with everyone and resorted to drinking and loneliness. This was her low Fi trying to process the love of her life. Avis is excited about Julia’s future and eager to see what it brings, but also hesitant to go outside her comfort zone – when she gets a date, she calls it off at the last minute with an excuse about being needed elsewhere, so she doesn’t have to see him. She’s scared of dating again, of forgetting her husband, and of her life changing, so she avoids it by clinging to what is safe and familiar. Avis found this man in the first place by reconnecting to someone from her past, instead of finding someone new.

Enneagram: 1w2 sp/so

Enneagram 1s believe they know the best and right way to do things an don’t hesitate to them that way—and that’s what Avis does when she comes into Julia’s life and helps her get her cooking show off the ground. She says that Paul is the first thing they need to deal with—they should convince him it’s his idea, to get around his ‘male ego’ and then they will have clear sailing. When he’s micro-managing her show and getting in the way of her teaching cooking classes, Avis talks a friend who owes her a favor into featuring Paul’s art in a gallery, so that he has his own project to attend to, while Julia gets busy with her show. Avis is firm in her decisions and unhesitating in her criticisms; she was a formidable editor before her husband’s death, and helped Julia whip her cookbook into top shape. She also comes alive when she’s needed and wanted—Julia needs her help in the kitchen, and that makes her feel fulfilled once again (after she lost her husband, she fell into a withdrawn stance and pulled away from everyone to feel sad and no longer engage with life). She is upset to get ‘fired’ when Alice hires people to do her job for her, but at the end of the first season, says she is looking forward to figuring out some other way to ‘contribute’ once again.

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