Sigrit is much more concerned with the authenticity of their music than Lars, who just wants to win and therefore is willing to ‘sell out’ in her mind. He is willing to adapt to the world, take on new musical cords, remix their presentation, and put on a bigger show, and what she wants is to just sing a song that is meaningful to her and comes from the heart. Even though everyone around town repeatedly tells her to give up on Lars as a loser, she continues to care about him, hang out with him, and hope that eventually he will take a romantic interest in her. She is very whimsical and excited about new things, but also has some odd views… like believing in the elves of their folklore and leaving them gifts, prayers, and sacrifices in her hope that they will assist them to win the contest. She persists in these views, even when Lars constantly throws shade at them and says she’s absurd for believing such nonsense. Though considerate of others and their feelings, she doesn’t let them influence her opinions that much. She doesn’t want to ruin the competition for Lars, and only agrees to sing her own love song when she’s sure that’s what he wants, because it will get them disqualified. When she tells him they need to go the artist’s lounge after their disastrous performance, her reasoning is that because all of Iceland is watching them, and she does not want to let everyone down. She will face the potential humiliation of no votes for their sake, unlike Lars, who can’t stand to face them and runs away. She is warm and likable, easily making friends with Alexander, and wanting to think about his offer to let her travel the world with him and sing beside him on stage. When she figures out he is gay, she very politely asks him about it. She’s also often trying to tone down Lars and prevent him from making outrageous or insulting statements at their gigs. She also shows a strong Si in her sentimental attachment to her hometown. She likes what is familiar best of all – she wishes she could sing in her native tongue at the contest, since it would help her feel less nervous (and later, she does, even though it will get them disqualified, with Lars’ permission). She often refers back to the past, and likes to keep things predictable and the same – she doesn’t like the new remix for their song and doesn’t catch on to its beat quickly; she tells him that she wants to go back to ‘the way it was before.’ She has stuck with him over many decades of friendship, hoping eventually it will turn into a romance. She also eagerly wants to take part in night clubbing and other fun activities, and is surprised when Lars turns them down. Her inferior Te shows in how angrily she confronts Lars in front of everyone else; rips up his costume, and tells him that they might as well sleep with whomever they want while they are in town. She completely pays no attention to her environment or who is around when she has her tantrum, because she’s so focused on putting Lars in his place.

Enneagram: 9w1 so/sp

Sigrit is a sweet and mild-mannered woman, who has been pulled along with her friend’s dream for a long time—it was never about her, or her needs, but always about him and being there for him. She’s loyal to him because he ‘taught me to sing,’ but has been waiting for him to notice her for… a long time. She gently tries to nudge him into a relationship, only to get rebuffed a few times. She’s also sucked into the excitement of Alexander’s lifestyle and eager to take part in it. She has a lot of natural shyness and rather than being insulted by some of the things people say to her (like she’s singing from her head and not her heart), she admits that they are right and ‘that’s exactly what my mother said!’ It takes a lot for her to get mad, but she does let Lars have it, after she thinks he has slept with someone else after turning her down (she yells at him, and storms off the stage, after ripping up the costume he made her). She is very firm on believing in what she is doing, and in being authentic to the music (she doesn’t like the new remix, and wants to go back to the way it was). It takes her a long time to accept that Lars is not going to change, and he will “never be satisfied.” But… she also forgives him.

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