Lars is pretty wrapped up in his own feelings most of the time; oblivious to others’ expectations of him, he starts to dance as a young man to Abba and declares that one day, he is going to win that contest! He hates being laughed at above all other things. He is often lost in his own feelings and preoccupied, insistent on having things his way and inconsiderate of Sigrit, in his ambitious desire to win. He is sensitive, but also insensitive to other people and their feelings, and sometimes acts cringe in front of other people. Lars is sorry everyone got blow up on the boat, but it means they are in the finals, so he gets immediately excited about that. His father complains about him being a middle-aged man who has never moved out of the house or done anything with his life, in pursuit of his single dream of winning a singing competition. He is very hands-on and engaged with his music, in making costumes, and on their presentation. He also doesn’t believe in the elves, unlike Sigrit, until late in the story, after he has witnessed a ghost and had his dream ‘almost’ come true. He is opportunistic in how he runs around the city, flags down someone to drive him to Eurovision (and lies to them by telling them Europe has no speed limit), and even in how he attacks his ‘rival’ in love. He gets caught up in the glamour and glitz around him and is willing to change their music in an attempt to fit in metter. His Ni is locked into a single vision for his life – he’s never thought about doing anything else or made much of a career out of his music. His inferior Te is very, very blunt – he is often rude to people’s faces and insulting behind their back. He also hasn’t managed to make a career out of his music other than to play at small local venues. He’s very direct and assertive at times, in telling people what to do, and on also telling them off if they interrupt him.

Enneagram:4w3 so/sp

Lars has never felt loved by his father, so he set out to be different and live out his dream – unfortunately, he can also be self-absorbed, preoccupied with his own feelings (causing him to be clueless about his best friend being in love with him, and only jealous when another man pay attention to her during the contest), and childish. He often asserts his feelings regardless of the appropriateness of the situation, such as when he repeatedly insults the Americans visiting Iceland and tells them to go home, and gets into a fight with them abroad at the fountain, where he insults their culture repeatedly. When humiliated at the contest, he goes home without Sigrit, and refuses to visit the artist lounge because he thinks they are only going to get negative votes. He tends to throw mini-tantrums whenever he doesn’t get what he wants, and sometimes embarrasses himself in public through his need to impress people. He also has a strong 3 wing in that he wants to win, and sees nothing less as a failure. He has always had Eurovision in his mind as a goal, and refuses to let anything else get in the way of that, even “making love” to Sigrit (he says there may be time for that later). He becomes boastful in his clumsy attempts to impress people. He only matures when he comes to realize that life isn’t all about him, and that it’s more important to sing a beautiful song with the woman he loves than to win the contest.

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