Sloan often speaks in abstractions and metaphors, including telling Wesley to think about the future and the changes they can make. He took over and forged the agency around what he wants from life, which is to have power over who lives and dies. He saw potential in the names thrown out by the loom and decided to rescue them and recruit them as assassins, so they could together, change things and take reality in the direction he wants it to go. He has some grand vision for what he wants them to accomplish that he doesn’t share with them, and doesn’t really like to get physically involved in the training. The one time he takes matters into his own hands and tries to shoot Wesley at work, he mistakes a dummy for Wesley and winds up dead (a problem with inferior Se miscalculating and not paying attention to the details). He has a mindset of working together, motivating people toward a collective ‘we,’ and of their lives impacting other people. He often gives them motivational speech and encourages them to look after each other in a brotherhood. He feels because he saved their lives, they owe him their lives, and that fate decides who lives and dies. He expects Wesley to just ‘figure out’ how to bend bullets by controlling his mind and the beats of his heart, without explaining how it’s done (low Ti understanding something, but not how to explain it to someone else).

Enneagram: 1w2 so/sp

Sloan doesn’t have enough screen time for me to be sure of his Enneagram, but given that he wants to reform things and change the world to fit his vision, I’d assume he’s a 1. He prides himself on bringing ‘order out of chaos,’ and sees that as his holy mission in life. He doesn’t mind bending the rules for the ‘greater good’ out of a sense of purifying things. He is calm and collected even when Wesley is trying to kill him, and has a rational argument for why he should stop. He rarely loses his temper, and keeps it together even when the training doesn’t go as well as he wanted it to. His 2 wing feels a sense of ownership in how he intervened in everyone’s life and saved them from being assassinated. He feels like they owe him service in return.

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