Fox doesn’t allow emotions to get in the way of killing people, and she quickly figures out how to take action in the heat of the moment, from shooting out her car’s windshield so she can climb out on the front and fire at the car following them, to flipping over Wesley’s car so he can kill someone through a limo skylight. She accepts the logic of what they do and doesn’t question it much, but when she finds out the life she’s been living was a lie, she takes direct action to change things. She’s very physical and present, even taking pity on Wesley when his girlfriend is harassing him and kissing him in front of her, to show her up and put her in her place. She’s forever pushing Wesley off roofs, onto trains, and adapting on the spot, which makes her a good assassin. Her overall perspective on life is that they are doing this for a greater purpose, even if they never understand the reasons why or the repercussions. She doesn’t show much in the way of emotions, except to feel guilt about working for the “wrong” people all these years.

Enneagram: 8w9 sp/sx

Fox reacts from the gut and doesn’t hesitate to take out people. She pushes Wesley as part of his training—bullying him, intimidating him, even punching him in the face to prepare him for being an assassin. When he refuses to shoot someone because he’s not sure if the person deserves it or not, she calmly shares her own experience with him of watching her father being burned alive in front of her as a child, and then said the assassin’s number had “come up,” implying that they need to trust the system in place to deliver names on time. They never know “the ripples” that their actions have on other people. When she finds out her name was called, and that she has been doing something wrong, she lets her own bullet take her out after killing the other assassins, surrendering to death as a natural ending to her journey.

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