Wesley goes by his morals and keeps most of his feelings locked deep inside; he doesn’t want to kill someone at first, without knowing that they did something wrong, and questions whether it’s moral to shoot them without evidence of them being bad or not. After Fox tells him about her own experiences, he decides it’s okay to shoot people without knowing their life story and goes on to become an assassin. Even though he’s upset with his girlfriend and best friend, he never tells either one of them what he feels about their affair. He just walks out on her and never goes home, tolerates her telling him off, and kisses Fox in front of her as a way to punish her and show her up. He shows good Se in his physical awareness and adaptive skills. Even though he’s intimidated at first with his training, he soon becomes really good at improvising, using his environment, and taking risks as part of the job. He physically throws himself into new situations and trusts his body to get him out of trouble. Wesley asks some philosophical question and is pondering of the universe, but also doesn’t know he’s working for the bad guys until he finds out the truth about his father—and then he takes direct action to set things right. He shows inferior Te in how angry, blunt, and factual he can be under stress. He shuts off his emotions and does what has to be done, even though his feelings about being betrayed are driving him. He also thinks it’s bull that they listen to a weaving loom that tells them who should live or die.

Enneagram: 9w1 sp/so

Wesley has been wasting his life before he finds out his dad was an assassin and he has something to ‘do’ with his life now – he spent all of his time ignoring everything in his life. He didn’t do anything about his girlfriend and his best friend sleeping together behind his back, he endures the constant harassment of his boss without raising a fuss, and he passively takes care of other people’s needs. It takes him almost being killed for him to ‘wake up’ and want something for his life, much less go for it – and then he explodes at work, tells off his boss, slams his keyboard into his cheating best friend’s face, and never goes back. He puts up with all kinds of abuse during his physical training, simultaneously freaking out about the dangerous situations he is in, and being determined to stick it through. When he finds out the truth about his dad, and what Sloan has been up to, he moralizes at them and tries to set it right. He also doubts whether he should kill people without knowing if they deserve it or not. Under stress, he becomes more reactive and paranoid, also attaching onto those around him.

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